GetCovered Initiative Helps Unemployed Individuals Find Health Insurance Coverage

With the high rate of unemployment, some may be navigating an uncertain time. Beyond losing their jobs, they may also be grappling with the loss of health insurance at a time when coverage is crucial. In fact, researchers from the Urban Institute estimate between 25 to 43 million people could lose their employer-sponsored health insurance, if unemployment rates continue to rise.

While there are many coverage options available in the market, it may be hard to know where to look or how to choose. Some options include:

  • Signing up for COBRA coverage, which allows you to stay on your employee health insurance for a limited time
  • Buying a health plan through the ACA Marketplace, which has a special enrollment period if you lose your job.

To help make it easier, the GetCovered initiative connects individuals with licensed insurance agents to help individuals navigate coverage options through HealthMarkets, a multi-carrier platform.

Through the free GetCovered service, licensed insurance agents provide a coverage and needs assessment to help people find the most suitable plan that meets their unique situation, based on eligibility and affordability. This includes commercial and government options such as Medicare and Medicaid.

How it works:  

  • Individuals are directed to call the toll-free GetCovered service for a consultation with licensed insurance agents.
  • Representatives conduct a comprehensive needs analysis. There is no cost to the caller.

Advisors help people enroll in the selected plans, or provide instructions on how to enroll, including transferring to Medicaid state agencies, as appropriate.

Access to health care is important, but the number of options may be daunting for those who have never shopped for coverage on their own. GetCovered aims to help make this unprecedented situation feel less stressful through guided assistance to navigate your health coverage options.