How Value-Based Care Prevails With Relationships and Physician Leadership

VIew Transcript

Rhode Island Primary Care Physician Corporation (RIPCPC) and its 160 physicians began making the shift to a value-based care model more than 25 years ago. With more than two decade’s experience shifting away from a fee-for-service model, RIPCPC has learned that relationships and organizational leadership are two of the most important elements to successfully making the transition to a health care system focused on value.

“We started in 1994, and this type of engagement with providers doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, it takes trust, it takes successes. We've never done better as it relates to managing our members, and we've never done better as it relates to curbing those costs. I do believe the sky is the limit as long as we continue down that path,” said Noah Benedict, RIPCPC Chief Operating Officer.

Among the relationships Benedict credits with RIPCPC’s success is the shift he saw between payers and physicians. Building more trust and collaboration created shared buy-in towards finding solutions to better meet the needs of the patients and working towards better outcomes.  

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