Transcript: My COVID-19 vaccine story: Alice Boon

Upbeat music plays as the UnitedHealthcare logo appears over a white background. A middle-aged black woman interviews at home.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          My COVID-19 vaccine story

                                          Alice Boon, UnitedHealthcare member

ALICE: My name is Alice, and I live in University City, which is part of St. Louis County, Missouri. Before the pandemic, I was able to just really pop up, do something when I felt like it. You didn’t have to think about it. You just go out of the house and get in the car, walk around, or talk to the neighbors. You really could do whatever you want without any kind of a second thought.

Alice and a companion with a blurred face walk their dog on a sunny sidewalk.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Filmed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photos appear. Alice wears a mask with a knit cap and sunglasses as she gives a thumbs-up. A doctor in full PPE holds a vial. Alice receives her shot.  An elderly woman gets vaccinated.  Alice smiles, wearing a COVID-19 VACCINATED sticker and a band-aid on her arm.

ALICE: In terms of protecting myself from COVID-19, I do follow CDC guidelines. I mask. When I’m outside I double-mask when I’m around crowds. I limit those social interactions. You keep the six feet. You also sanitize. When I heard about the vaccine becoming available, I was, to use the word, gleeful. I felt that I wanted to get vaccinated as soon as possible, and registered on multiple sites. When I was getting the vaccine, at that moment what was rolling through my mind was that wow, you know, I’m here. I’m really glad to be getting this vaccine. I am one of the at-risk adults, and having this vaccine, even though it’s just the first dose, is kind of the ticket to less restriction and almost freedom. Well, and I also think about other people who have been hesitant to get the vaccine. Tell them “Hey, it just boils down to vaccine or virus.” And I’ve had some say “Well, if you lay it out that way, I’ll go with the vaccine.” And they’ve actually gotten their shot. From an individual perspective, there’s a lot of things that are floating through my mind that I can possibly do once I am fully vaccinated. Going to the movies, a little bit of travel. I really haven’t decided what I’m going to do, but the key word is celebrate.

The UnitedHealthcare logo appears over a white background.