Donated Wheels: What it Feels Like to Be a Kid (Transcript)

On a white screen, the UnitedHealthcare logo appears as gentle piano music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare

Outside, cardboard boxes are stacked up near a crowd of people.


In matching polo shirts, Sarah Breseman and Julius Tobin speak to the camera. Behind them, volunteers assemble bicycles.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Sarah Breseman & Julius Tobin

JULIUS: We're with OnBikes. We are a nonprofit out of Tampa, Florida, and we provide bikes to at-risk and foster kids.

Julius and another volunteer address the crowd.

Volunteers in matching T-shirts gather around folding tables.

GREG: They're affiliating in this program with us.

Greg Reidy speaks to the camera.


GREG: We're the sponsor, and then we've got a partner in the Boys & Girls Club, and that's marrying kids up to their first bicycles, so it's really three organizations coming together and serving the community.

A volunteer holds a colorful front panel up to bike handlebars.

Another volunteer unpacks a bike saddle and seat post from a cardboard box.

JULIUS: We've partnered with UnitedHealthcare. As you can see, we're putting together 50 bikes for the Boys & Girls Club.

Working at the folding tables, volunteers assemble bikes. A woman adjusts a training wheel on a neon green bike. Another volunteer pushes a saddle into the frame of a bike. Two volunteers hold a bike steady as a man attaches a front panel to the handlebars.

A man lifts an almost complete bike onto a table. Volunteers tighten screws.

JULIUS: They've invited their employees. They're all shapes and sizes, and we're just doing this awesome teambuilding exercise with them.

Sarah speaks to the camera.

SARAH: We do this because we like to put as many bikes in the hands of at-risk kids as possible, and we're grateful for partners like UnitedHealthcare that let us carry out that mission.

A bike's wheel spins as a man makes an adjustment. A volunteer closely examines a training wheel.

A volunteer in a UnitedHealthcare T-shirt holds a bike steady on a table. Nearby, a man tests out a neon green bike with training wheels.

SARAH: Everybody remembers the day they got their first bike, and we like to create that moment for as many kids as possible in our community.

Greg speaks to a group of children.

GREG: We're here today, partnering with OnBikes, the Hillsborough County Sheriffs, as well as the Boys & Girls Club.

50 completed bikes, upside down with wheels in the air, are arranged in three lines under a UnitedHealthcare banner.

Children sit on the ground and listen to Greg speak.

Greg continues speaking to the camera. He gestures to the lines of bikes behind him.

GREG: We've got 50 children coming to get their first bike. It's gonna be awesome. They're gonna come in here.

The view travels over the rows of brand-new bikes.

GREG: They're gonna see these bikes that we've built for them as a team earlier this morning, and each one will leave here with their first bicycle.

A bike's wheel slowly spins. A volunteer speaks to the group of children, who raise their hands. Nearby, sheriff's deputies smile as they observe.

GREG: There's been 3,500 bikes donated by the organization locally.

Sheriff's deputies address the group of children. One deputy holds up a bike helmet.

GREG: The deputies are here, an important part where safety becomes priority, where they can explain to the kids that you should always wear a helmet and also follow the right rules of the road.

Children hop on the brand-new bikes. A girl smiles as she grips her bike's handlebars. Volunteers hand each child a bike helmet.

The children wheel their bikes in a single-file line to receive their helmets.

GREG: Awesome, the celebration of the 3,500 bikes that OnBikes has delivered to the community, and United's proud to be part of it.

A deputy sets a bike helmet bearing a UnitedHealthcare logo on a boy's head. A volunteer gives another boy a helmet. A girl zooms by on a purple bike.

Wearing helmets, all the children line up on their new bikes.

ALL: Boys & Girls Club!

A boy rides a bike. As gentle piano music plays, the children wheel away their new bikes.

On a white screen, the UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare