Dreambuilders Transcript

ON SCREEN TEXT:            UnitedHealthcare®

Immokalee High School cheerleaders wave their red and white pom-poms in a synchronized routine. Percussionists pound rhythms on marching snare drums. Clara Calderon stands before a banner with an Indian mascot.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Clara Calderon
                                             Immokalee High School

CLARA: Jubilation. That's the word. Generosity. Thankfulness. The thought of always having someone who's there looking out for Immokalee High School in situations in need, that's what they feel. They see that there are others out there that are here helping us get through this disaster.

Percussionists take soft mallets to large drums strapped to their chests. Football players and an executive sit on stage.Clara speaks indistinctly from a podium.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Nicholas Zaffiris
                                            UnitedHealthcare Plan of South Florida

NICHOLAS: UnitedHealthcare believes in not only being a part of the local community, but also living our mission of helping people to live healthier lives. So we were able to make a contribution of $20,000.

A band boy plays a trumpet over a seated crowd. High schoolers hold a massive-sized check written out from UnitedHealthcare to Immokalee, for $20,000 on February 28, 2018. The memo reads, "Athletics Department Hurricane Recovery." Nicholas speaks indistinctly from the podium.

NICHOLAS: From Hurricane Irma, unfortunately, a very devastating event that hit directly in Collier County, and at Immokalee High School, a number of their football games were canceled, and those football games help raise revenues to fund the entire athletic program for the year for the school.

Band girls play flutes against a wall. Nicholas stands in front of the Immokalee banner. The high schoolers and Nicolas pose for photos with the massive check. In the auditorium, audience watches cheerleaders shaking pom poms.

NICHOLAS: So we had the opportunity to make a contribution and help fund the athletic department at Immokalee High School.

A high school girl smiles and laughs.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
                                      NFL Player - Dreambuilders Foundation

DOMINIQUE: Yeah, I think that, with the Hurricane Irma, I think it showed a lot of resilience that we have, you know, and I, if I could say anything, you know, I think that we can all come together and just make it work, you know?

Dominique walks up to the stage and shakes Nicholas' hand. The audience applauds. A few of them hold up their phones to take pictures.

DOMINIQUE: I see a lot of communities overcame it and still overcoming it, and it just, if you put your mind to it and keep working together, you know, you definitely overcome it.

Cheerleaders do their routine. Dominique speaks indistinctly from the podium.

EDGERINN: You see when somebody does, something great, and you see different people do different things for your community, when you have the opportunity, and you get a chance to make it, it makes you want to do those things.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Edgerinn James
                                             Former NFL Player

EDGERINN: And that was one of the driving forces with myself, you know, when I seen people come here that wasn't from here and help, and I always knew that I would always support Immokalee, you know, if I ever was put in that position.

Edgerinn, Dominique and Nicolas are sitting on stage and then clap and wave Edgerinn is smiling and talking into “Fox” and “W” microphones.Edgerinn poses for photos with Dominique, Nicholas, and other administrators. He then appears to be listening to someone as he stands before a "Fox" and “W” microphone.

EDGERINN: And so, it's a big deal. You know, it's a big deal when you have people come here and help the community, help the school, and, you know, it has nothing to do with them personally, but they're here for us. They're here for Immokalee people.

The cheerleaders now perform in front of the crowd. They move their right arms up and down together like a tomahawk. Students hold the large United Healthcare $20,000 check. Cheerleaders perform tomahawk chop. A high school boy speaks indistinctly from the podium. The high schoolers, NFL players, Nicolas and administrators hold the large United Healthcare check and perform the tomahawk chop on stage and cheerleaders perform tomahawk chop on floor in front of stage.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            UnitedHealthcare®