Drowning Transcript

The First Step of Drowning Prevention Is Knowing What It Looks Like

[Video] Gentle waves wash up along a sandy lakeshore.  The sound of water crashing on the shoreline plays along with a soft piano/music chime.

[:00 - :06 Text appears on screen over video]  “Summer activities often happen near the water.”

[Video] Lake water, ripples of water on a calm lake.

[:06 - :09] “In some cases, seasonal fun can quickly become a risk.”

[:11 - :14] Video of buoy no swimming area at lake.

[:13- :16] “4,000 people in the U.S. die of drowning every year.”

[:17] sounds of water bubbles

[:19] Video of single hand appears in and out of water at lake.  Text appears over video.

“Many think drowning involves flailing arms, splashing and trying to stay afloat.”

[:26] Video of calm lake, text appears over video. “Drowning is often quicker.”

[:32] “and quieter than you think.”


[:39] “Be safe, be aware, be prepared.”


[:46] “UnitedHealthcare” logo appears.


[:46-:51] Dissolve to logo, United Healthcare, slow, soft music plays underneath.