Transcript: Northeast Ohio Nonprofits Addressing Social Determinants of Health with Grant

As inspiring music plays, photos fade from one to the next in a slideshow. An old woman smiles next to a shuttle bus labeled "Senior Citizen Resources." In a kitchen, two women weigh and package tins full of food. Boxes, some of which are labeled "Tomato," sit stacked on shelves inside a massive warehouse.

In a crowded room, three women sit and laugh at a table. Each sports a nametag, and they wear matching white UnitedHealth Group T-shirts featuring the phrase "giving!" Two women embrace near a podium. Three people stand and talk amidst others seated at tables. Two women shake hands. A wide view of the room reveals a crowd wearing the white T-shirts. The back of each shirt reads "volunteer." They turn their attention toward a speaker standing at a podium.

Two women read an official document marked by the seal of the Ohio House of Representatives

ON SCREEN TEXT:          It is with great pleasure that I, Juanita O. Brent, State Representative of Ohio                             House District 12, extend my

                                    congratulations to the

                                    East End Neighborhood House

                                    For being recognized as a UnitedHealthcare grant recipient.

Ten people pose against a backdrop dotted with the name and fork-and-spoon logo of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. A woman smiles and clasps her hands at a table while those around her applaud. Two women smile and shake hands near the podium.

A woman speaks at the podium in front of a backdrop decorated with the UnitedHealthcare insignia.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Connecting


                                    to better


Now, a man at the podium leads the room in applauding a woman standing beside him. A woman takes a picture of the moment on her phone. Volunteers smiles and applaud in their seats. The woman being honored goes to embrace another woman. Together, they accept a document from a man and shake his hand. The room applauds.

All three pose with the signed document from the Ohio House of Representatives.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          East End Neighborhood House received $500,000.

The same man poses with two different women, one of whom holds a similar document.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Senior Citizen Resources received $500,000.

An old woman holds a sign at a table.



                                    From all of

                                    us at


A whiteboard displays the logos of the grant recipients: Ohio Association of Foodbanks, Helen Keller International, Senior Citizen Resources, and East End Neighborhood House. The recipients clap together.

Another woman shakes hands with the man at the podium.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Helen Keller International received $500,000.

Four people pose together.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Ohio Association of Foodbanks received $500,000.

Volunteers pose in front of the UnitedHealthcare backdrop. Grant recipients pose with their arms raised.

The blue and gray UnitedHealthcare logo appears on a white background. Then, the screen fades to black.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®