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Heart Attack Doesn’t Stall Couple’s Retirement Dream Transcript

A blue filter overlays a video of Johnie and Brenda walking around their truck and camper. White and blue text appears onscreen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage members: Johnie and                                           Brenda Hall, Sadorus, Illinois

BRENDA: I'm Brenda.

JOHNIE: I'm Johnie.

BRENDA: I'm 68 years old.

Brenda and Johnie sit in camping chairs in the woods and address somebody off-screen.

JOHNIE: I'm 72, and we like to run.

Brenda and Johnie run from the left side of the screen to the right in front of a brick building.

BRENDA: We certainly do.

Two flags hang near their camper. One shows a large orange I on a blue background and the text "Johnie Hall." The other shows a figure running over a green background with a purple border.


Johnie hands Brenda a bike tire pump from inside the back of their truck.

JOHNIE: Our anniversary's coming up-- 49 years, but we don't live one day a year, we live every day of the year.

Quick shots show Johnie open the door to the camper, use a drill to lower a jack from the camper, Brenda washing dishes, and the couple carrying their camping chairs outside.
Johnie looks at someone off-camera.

JOHNIE: That's it.

BRENDA: We retired in 2012.

The couple sits in chairs outside of their camper.

JOHNIE: We didn't know what to do, so we were sitting, talking about what are we gonna do with our lives after we retire, and Brenda came up with the idea to run in every state.

Johnie speaks to someone off-camera from his camping chair as Brenda looks on.
The couple sits on the tailgate door on the back of their truck and look at a binder full of race numbers.

BRENDA: And it's actually happening.

Brenda and Johnie run on a street, past orange cones and around a corner.

The couple hop down from the back of the truck and close the tailgate door.

BRENDA: We've run in 37 states, and so we're getting there.

Brenda and Johnie sit in the camping chairs and speak to someone off-camera.

JOHNIE: We get to see the world, we get to be part of the world, and it seemed like the right thing to do.

From high above, a shot shows Brenda and Johnie’s truck and camper driving on a road through a forest.

BRENDA: Just like life, the race doesn't always go the way you plan, but you just have to deal with what happens and get through it.

Inside the cab of the couple's truck, shots show the steering wheel and the view of the road.
Johnie and Brenda run on a street, surrounded by other runners.

Johnie and Brenda reach for each other and hold hands in the truck.

BRENDA: It was a total surprise when he had the heart attack, and it was absolutely the scariest time of my life.

Brenda and Johnie sit in the camping chairs.

Close-up shot of the couple holding hands in the truck.

BRENDA: We should've known something was wrong because over the course of a year, I got to where I could run faster than him, so we should've known something was wrong, but we didn't.

Johnie walks slowly down the street.

Johnie and Brenda run down the street.

JOHNIE: Doctor said that if I hadn't been a runner, if I hadn't been an active person, that I probably would not have survived the trip to the hospital.

Johnie addresses someone off-camera.

Johnie pins a race number to the front of his shirt.

Brenda and Johnie stand near the finish line of the race.

Brenda adjusts her race number.

Brenda and Johnie sit in the camping chairs.

BRENDA: I think he came back from it because he said he was going to, and if he says he's going to do something, he does it.

Brenda laughs near Johnie at the race.

Johnie and Brenda walk towards the start of the race with other runners.

Runners take off from the starting line.

BRENDA: And I was just so grateful that he made it through and that he is the person he is and has the determination that he does.

Johnie glances at another runner.

Racers run on the street and sidewalk.

A person in an orange vest holds a sign and waves runners along the course.

Brenda and Johnie run towards the person holding the sign.

JOHNIE: To me, running is magic.

Brenda and Johnie sit in the camping chairs.

JOHNIE: When I run, I get to be me right here.

Johnie points to his temple.

Johnie runs along the race course.

BRENDA: We've been with UnitedHealthcare close to three years.

Brenda and Johnie cross the finish line.

BRENDA: When I got to be Medicare age, we had choices of plans, and then there was UnitedHealthcare, where we could travel anywhere in the country and know we're covered, and that was really great.

Johnie looks at his watch.

A woman takes a photo of the couple and another man on her smartphone.

Johnie's back is shown as he walks away.

Brenda and Johnie look at each other and smile in front of a brick wall.

ON SCREEN TEXT: The Halls are part of a Group Medicare Advantage National PPO plan.

Brenda addresses someone off-camera from her camping chair.
A forest of trees is shown from above.

BRENDA: I mean, that so fit in to what we wanted to do.

The couple's truck is shown from above as it drives through the woods.

BRENDA: Oh, yeah, it's great.

JOHNIE: When we travel, there's no problem getting a prescription filled.

Johnie addresses someone off-camera.

The couple sits in their camping chairs.

BRENDA: We like the rewards program, for going and doing what we should. You know, getting the physicals and you actually get something from doing that, and that's been really nice; it's bought some gas.

The couple walks along a path through the woods.

JOHNIE: You don't want anything to happen, but if it does, there's help.

Brenda runs in the race.

Johnie walks near the finish line.

Brenda smiles.

BRENDA: Our plan runs at the speed of our life.

Johnie and Brenda sit in their camping chairs.

JOHNIE: Our plan runs at the speed that we run, which is pretty--we're slow, but our plan stays ahead of us. It's there, waiting when we get there.

The couple walks through the woods.

JOHNIE: In a race, things happen. In life, things happen. Just get out and live life.

BRENDA: Be happy. Be active.

White text appears on screen above Johnie and Brenda's signatures.

ON SCREEN TEXT: "Be happy, be active and enjoy the journey."

JOHNIE: And enjoy the journey.

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare