Transcript: Indiana Nurse Practitioner Goes the Extra Mile Providing Home Visits

From high above, a car is shown driving down a country road. Light piano music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Noblesville, Indiana

KIM: This is definitely my mobile office. I drive between 100 and 120 miles a day.

From the passenger seat, Kim is shown driving her car.

KIM: My name is Kim DeMasie, and I'm a nurse practitioner in Indiana for the HouseCall program.

The camera follows her car from behind as it drives down a country road.

Kim speaks while driving.

KIM: I think seeing it's really important when I go into a home to be friendly and to treat them with dignity.

Her car is shown driving through a subdivision from high above.

A close-up shows the steering wheel as she drives.

KIM: So really this job, it fits well with my personality. It helps me to pull some passions that I have for other people.

Kim's car comes to a stop on a subdivision street in front of the camera.

KIM: Also help them to feel better.

A travel bag is shown rolling on a sidewalk.

KIM: Hi!

The front door of a home opens and Kim carries her bag into the house.

KIM: How are you?

SHARON: Just fine.

Kim uses a stylus to tap on an electronic tablet.

KIM: Okay, we're gonna review your medication.

Kim sits at a dining table, along with Steve and Sharon Vincent.

KIM: So if you can pass your bottles over here.

SHARON: These are my two prescription meds.

White text appears onscreen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          HouseCalls provides

                                    UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage

                                    members with an annual health

                                    and wellness visit in the convenience of

                                    their own homes.

Kim holds a stethoscope up to Sharon's neck.

KIM: Take a deep breath and hold it.

Kim writes something down while Sharon looks on.

KIM: I'm gonna write down all your vital signs for you.

Three pill bottles stand on a table next to a laptop.

KIM: If we can make a difference in somebody's life, then that is the greatest reward that I can get.

Kim and Sharon sit a counter near the living room as Kim writes on her tablet.

Kim uses a device to look into Steve's ear.

KIM: I'm gonna look in your ears and your eyes. Oh, I can see clear through there.

STEVE: [laughs]. Whether you've been healthy or not, just to be reminded that, you know--I'll say this, it's kind of corny--it's good to be alive.

Steve and Sharon sit in front of their living room and speak to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Steve and Sharon Vincent

                                    UnitedHealthcare Members

Kim taps on her tablet with the stylus.

SHARON: And you can just feel that when she's here, it's all about you.

Sharon sits at the table with Kim.

SHARON: And she'll joke and have some fun with you, but she'll be perfectly serious too. And you just feel loved and cared for.

Steve and Sharon are interviewed.

We see Kim's car drives through a subdivision from high above.

KIM: I think seeing people in their home is so important because we have to see people where they are.

Kim speaks as she drives her car.

Subdivision homes are shown from the car as it drives by.

A close-up shows three pill bottles.

KIM: We're gonna do something that we just started doing; we're gonna check the circulation in your legs.

Kim stands at a countertop in a home as Christine Philburn sits and listens.

Kim holds a plastic bag on Christine's toes.

KIM: I'm gonna take this little warmer off and put this on your toe.

Kim removes the plastic bag and places a plastic clip around Christine's toe.

CHRISTINE: And it's a more relaxed--I see no reason why anyone should let this go by.

Christine and Stephen Philburn sit at a countertop in their home and speak to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Christine and Stephen Philburn

                                    UnitedHealthcare Members

Kim's car drives along the country road.

KIM: A good day is when I feel like I've helped somebody.

From the passenger seat, we see Kim driving her car.

KIM: It's very fulfilling.

Her car drives away down the road as the camera follows from high above.

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare® 

The HouseCalls program is not available with all plans. To check if HouseCalls is available to you or to schedule a HouseCalls visit, call 1-866-686-2504, TTY 711, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET, or visit HouseCalls may not be available in all areas.