Transcript: Volunteers Help Bring a Kid-Inspired Playground to Life at Global Academy

A close-up shot reveals a child's hands pulling out markers. Panning out, a young boy in a red shirt is shown sitting at a table outside, coloring in a book. Cheerful guitar music plays.

Another close-up exhibits the boy's drawing in blue and orange marker. A hand with black-tipped fingernails points at a basketball hoop and basketball in a brightly-colored drawing.

GIRL: I drawed a basketball here with a ball.

The boy in the red shirt looks up and smiles, describing his drawing. He brings his left hand to his face.

BOY: A zip line.

A close-up view of his drawing shows an assortment of lines and shapes in blue and orange, as well as a stick figure on a zip line.

A girl is sitting at a table outside in a magenta dress and hijab, talking to the camera and coloring in a book with a light blue marker.

GIRL: I thought about a water fountain when you're thirsty.

A boy in a gray, yellow, and white striped shirt is squinting in the sunlight, focused on drawing. His creation is revealed to be monkey bars drawn in orange marker. He keeps his eyes on his drawing as he speaks.

BOY: Monkey bars.

The first child's drawing of a basketball hoop and a zip line is shown again, complete with a swing set, clouds, and sun.

White text appears over the child's drawing, accompanied by five pictures, each showing a child drawing with markers outside.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Kids from Minnesota's Global Academy were

                                    recently asked to draw a dream playground for

                                    their school's new campus.


A child's hands with fingernail tips painted black are shown drawing with a bright green marker. Then another child's hands are shown drawing with a light blue marker. Finally, the girl in the magenta dress and hijab is revealed, talking contentedly to the camera.

GIRL: They said you can draw anything you want--you want how the playground would look like.

Upbeat music plays as a montage shows people gathered around two tables outside with people signing papers, a woman smiles, then a group shot reveals everyone wearing matching white shirts that say "do good. live well." with a heart graphic in the upper left corner.

A woman is shown wearing a purple shirt with orange writing and a matching purple visor. She has a microphone in her left hand and a white clipboard in her right hand while addressing the group. A man in a purple smock stands behind her right shoulder.

AMNASTEE': Good morning! Good morning!

A close-up shows a person using a green drill to secure a piece of bright green playground equipment.

Two men carry a rectangular piece of the playground equipment onto the build site. The site has dirt laid out and features the framework of the equipment, including bright green poles and black bases. Then a woman with short hair and glasses is shown working on a pillar on the playground.

AMNASTEE': So, in fact, this is UnitedHealthcare's 29th playground we could build.

A brown-haired woman wearing sunglasses and a black hat reading "do good. live well." is revealed listening intently to Amnastee'. Then the crowd she is standing in is shown in a wide shot. Almost everyone is wearing the matching white "do good. live well." T-shirts. They all applaud Amnastee'.

AMNASTEE': A round of applause for that.

A close-up on a woman with a name tag reading "Dawn" shows her applauding with a red water bottle in her right hand. Then Amnastee' is shown speaking into the microphone joined by a man and a woman to her right. A blue graphic in the lower left screen appears with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Amnastee' Graves

                                    KaBOOM!- Project Manager


AMNASTEE': We worked with the kids to see what exactly they wanted in a playground.

A series of shots show various workers drilling, hammering, carrying blue tarps on the playground build site.

MAN: Where you want it?

Two people only shown from the waist down release woodchips from a blue tarp onto woodchips that have already been spread out on the build site.

MAN: Whoo-hoo!

The boy in the red shirt is coloring in a book with a bright green marker. A close-up of his drawing shows a rectangle with a line down the middle, revealing one side titled "soccer field" and the other side, "playground." Then a blond man is shown in one of the matching white T-shirts, speaking into the microphone.

TROY: They're focused on playing in a simple way: being active, being healthy, which is really what our UnitedHealthcare mission is all about.

A wide view of the playground build site reveals the progress of the workers. A ramp connected to stairs is completed as a man hammers to reinforce the next portion of that playground set. A large group of workers is doing various tasks, such as carrying tarps of woodchips and assembling assorted pieces of the playground.

A montage of the workers exhibits woodchips being spread out with a rake, the group of workers piecing the main play-set together, a blonde woman in a black hat twisting a wrench to secure a bolt on a pole, and then Troy is revealed speaking to the camera to the side of the build site. A blue graphic with white text materializes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Troy Kakacek

                                    UnitedHealthcare- Vice President of Network Management of Minnesota.


TROY: It's about the kids, getting them a healthy, safe place to play. A lot of the playground equipment for underserved communities is not up to safety standards or just, you know, fun standards for these kids.

Thick, wet dirt is being pushed by a garden hoe. Panning out, two women are shown using garden hoes to stir the sludge inside their wheelbarrows. A woman uses a hose to add water to a wheelbarrow. A close-up inside a wheelbarrow shows the stirring process. Then a man in a bright green shirt and sunglasses is revealed talking and gesticulating enthusiastically to the camera in front of the build site. A blue graphic with white text appears in the lower left corner.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Scott Flemming

                                    Global Academy- Associate Director


SCOTT: There's a lot of research to suggest that this is an incredibly important part of a student's day, to be able to get out, run around, solve problems on the playground. It's wonderful to see the community come together.

An aerial perspective of the playground build site shows the workers assembling the partially-complete playground. Two blue slides are connected to the structure that includes the stairs and ramp. The woodchips are spread out across the site evenly. Workers off to the side of the site are preparing the final pieces of playground equipment.

Rain drips into a small puddle on the ground, then a close-up of a yellow structure shows rain droplets sitting still. Finally, a woman in glasses and a clear rain poncho is revealed helping two people hold a piece of the playground equipment up in the rain as she speaks to the camera. A blue graphic with white text appears in the lower left corner of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Jode Stepan



JODE: We knew it was gonna rain today. I don't melt, so we just gotta get this up for the kids.

A person in green pants empties a wheelbarrow full of mud into a hole with a bright green pole in it, securing the pole into place in the ground. Then a group of people in clear rain ponchos are shown holding a yellow and black piece of the playground equipment up at a tilt. Finally, a woman with brown hair is revealed speaking to the camera in front of the playset's ramp. A blue graphic with white text is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Paula Engstrom



PAULA: It's impressive how many people showed up but also how many stayed in the rain and then how fast we're getting things done.

A light green pole is surrounded by mud, as a garden hoe pushes more sludge around it. Then the playground, full of workers, comes into view, showing the new addition of a swing set and a tic-tac-toe game. Lastly, a blonde woman is speaking to the camera in front of the playground. A blue graphic with white text comes on screen in the lower left corner.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Jennifer Grant



JENNIFER: I want them to see that adults do care and that they want the kids to have someplace safe that they can come to and they can play and hang out with their friends.

Paula continues talking to the camera in front of the play set's ramp. Workers are assembling the equipment in the background.

PAULA: What's better than, you know, building something great for our kids, 'cause that's the future?

As uplifting music plays, three people carry a piece of the playground onto the build site, Jennifer smiles, and a bolt is hammered into a light green pole.

A boy in a light blue shirt is looking down. His drawing of a rock climbing wall in orange marker is revealed by a close-up.

BOY: A rock climbing wall.

A black rock climbing wall with blue, yellow, green, and red climbing holds is held into place by five workers as it's connected to the main play set structure.

On a white page with blue clouds drawn at the top, a child's hand draws a curved rectangular shape in green marker. Then the girl wearing the magenta dress and hijab is shown outside again. She has a light blue marker in her right hand with a drawing pad in front of her and a box of markers next to her left elbow. She is smiling and speaking to the camera.

GIRL: The slides.

On the playground, two men atop the main play set hammer bolts into two light-green poles that reinforce a double blue slide. Two workers stand behind them, assisting in the maneuver.

A hand with black-tipped fingernails draws in bright green marker, adding to the purple, blue, and dark green figures present in the drawing. Then a girl in a black dress and purple hijab is shown looking down while speaking to the camera.

GIRL: That we get to actually, like, participate in it.

As the uplifting music continues, a wide aerial shot pans over the finished playground. The main play set is complete with a ramp and set of stairs leading to the rock climbing wall, the double blue slide, a single blue slide, and the tic-tac-toe game. Next to the play set is a standing swing set and towards the right corner of the playground is a round, blue roundabout piece that seats four. Several workers stand and chat around the equipment.

A paper chain made of bright yellow and pink paper links is exhibited as a child holds it into view. Each link has a child's handwritten note on it, expressing excitement and gratitude for the playground.

In a wide shot, the group of workers are joined by the children who are standing in front, holding up their paper chain. Everyone raises their arms with enthusiasm.

Three girls sitting on chairs side-by-side smile at the camera while holding the paper chain. A group of workers stand behind them visible only from the chest down.

An aerial perspective shows the whole group standing on the finished playground, smiling and waving at the camera. Panning out, all of the colorful playground equipment comes into view.

The playground scene fades to a white screen with black text. Placed next to the text is the UnitedHealthcare shield logo and a heart.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   do good.

                                    live well.

                                    UnitedHealthcare ®