Transcript: Grant helps Nebraska nonprofit address food insecurity in local communities

Upbeat music plays as text appears over an image of a brick and stucco building.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Omaha, Nebraska

Inside the building, a close-up shows a logo on a shopping cart.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Together

The ‘o’ in Together is formed by a bright yellow sun. A line of shopping carts sits by rows of shelves full of food. A blond woman wearing a face mask interviews beside a shelf of canned goods. Text appears beside her.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Carrie Hook

                                       Together, Pantry Client

CARRIE: I initially came to Together because my husband was injured on the job. Being able to pay our bills every month – income – to absolutely nothing in a matter of a day. Having that food insecurity. How are we gonna buy food?

Close-ups show rows of cans, boxes of macaroni and cheese, and bags of rice.

CARRIE: A friend suggested Together. A comforting feeling knowing that we were gonna have food on the table and we could come back to the pantry as needed.

The view passes over cans of sweet peas, a bag of walnuts, and shelves full of bread and cookies. A man in a striped button-up interviews, and text appears beside him.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Mike Hornacek

                                       Together, President and CEO

MIKE: Together is a nonprofit that really focuses on food insecurity in the Greater Omaha area. Our major intervention in addressing food insecurity is our food pantry and our home delivery program.

The view follows a shopping basket as the person holding it travels through the aisles of the pantry. A woman wearing a shirt bearing the Together logo interviews beside boxes and pallets of food. Text appears beside her.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Stephanie Strode

                                       Together, Pantry Manager

STEPHANIE: The items that people come in to get are the ones that are expensive in our grocery stores. Their primary focus really is the proteins and the fresh produce.

A close-up shows vibrant green lettuce. Text appears beside a blurred view of people walking through the pantry.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Together received a $355,000 UnitedHealthcare

                                       grant for a walk-in freezer and additional food to stock

                                       the food pantry. The funds also helped the

                                       nonprofit meet the increased need, due to the pandemic.

A gleaming steel walk-in freezer sits against one of the pantry’s brick walls. Close-ups show the whirring fans built into the freezer, and a label on a box that reads “Tricut Potato.” Stephanie stands by the freezer’s open door, gesturing inside to the boxes of food.

STEPHANIE: We are now able to have plenty of proteins to give to families on a regular basis. We are not worrying about what's gonna be wasted and if a family's going to be served. We are able to store it in here and serve people every day the same way.

The view focuses on cans of Campbell’s soup. Mike interviews.

MIKE: Without the financial support from UnitedHealthcare, we really would've had to turn away individuals and people would have not had food on the tables and food in their cupboards, and that would've been really sad.

People make selections from shelves and put them in their baskets or carts. Carrie interviews.

CARRIE: When I first started, there wasn't COVID. Now there's COVID, and so there's so much more need out there now, but this could happen to anybody at any time. I encourage people to come here. Because of Together, it's amazing that I've gotten back on my feet, and today I can say that we are on the right path. And today I get to help people, and I now work for Together.

Carrie adjusts cans of black beans on a shelf. A sign at the end of the row of shelves features a list written in English and Spanish.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Steps for shopping in the pantry

1.     Know how many items you can have.

2.     Chose items from the 7 central shelves

3.     Let the staff count your


4.     Bread & Produce is last!

Today’s limits: 1 Cereal, 1 Juice, 2 Almonds

CARRIE: I get to walk into work and help people all day long. It's just an amazing feeling.

The image fades to white, and a dark blue logo appears, formed of many U-shapes layered over each other. Another logo appears.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        UnitedHealthcare