Transcript: Grant helps support a community market for underserved families in Nevada

Outside a strip mall a pink heart-shaped sign hangs on a stone building. White text printed inside reads “The Just One Project.”

A blue chyron with text inside appears at the bottom of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Las Vegas, Nevada

A Black woman with blue hair interviews in a warehouse, in front of cardboard boxes. A chyron with white text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Shekesha Andrews
                                    The Just One Project, Client

SHEKESHA: It was really scary. Because I didn’t know where I was gonna go from one point to another. I was escaping a bad relationship. All I did was pray every day, that me and my little girl would be safe and warm. I went to many doors. Didn’t help. But this door did. The Just One Project. It helped us. 

Shekesha walks up to the front doors of the building. The heart shaped logo is printed on the glass, as well as the words “Charitable gangster” and “volunteer like a boss.” She heads inside.


In front of a set of full shelves with various cans of food, she talks to a white woman with blond hair and glasses.

The woman interviews in front of the shelves. A chyron appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Nellie Vega
                                    The Just One Project, Case Manager

NELLIE: They come in, I sit down with them. I do a quick needs assessment. Just ask them what kind of things— what kind of resources they need. See if they need to apply for benefits, to bring in that extra food income, or medical insurance.  

Nellie sits in an office at a wooden desk, looking at her laptop.

Small cans of food sit stacked on a metal shelf.

Bags full of diapers labelled size 1 and size 2 sit on a large shelf in a warehouse.

NELLIE: Clothing, school supplies. Then we go through the market. They get to pick the items they want to take home.

In the store, Shekesha pushes a cart as a woman with brown hair loads groceries into paper bags.

NELLIE: I’m very passionate about what I do. And I go above and beyond for everybody. Everybody that steps foot in these doors. 

A white woman with long brown hair interviews. A chyron appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Brooke Neubauer
                                    The Just One Project, Founder and CEO

BROOKE: The UnitedHealthcare grant has absolutely changed shopping here at our community market, because it simply wouldn’t exist without them. It is a wonderful, safe, welcoming space with access to all of the important foods that families need to have a healthy life.

A sticker hangs from a shelf holding up canned food. It reads “Take Up to 2 Items.”

Workers in masks unfold paper bags. Canned vegetables are stacked behind them.

A painting of a chicken, a fish, and a grazing cow is painted on a wall. Pink text is printed underneath them.


SHEKESHA: Even they have a little shopping cart for my little girl. To shop, to see what she may want. And it’s really like a little grocery store. It’s not even only the food, it’s just the beauty of the staff. When you walk in they make you feel you’re just a millionaire.

Cans of black beans and enriched rice fill the shelves. A hand picks up two bags of rice.

Shekesha sits in the office with Nellie, holding her hand. They share a hug.

SHEKESHA: Thank you Nellie.

NELLIE: You’re welcome.

Nellie interviews.

NELLIE: So, when Shekesha first came in I was sitting right there at that window. And I would just see the change in her from the day she got here to now. And now you see how she walks around. She’s like confident and happy.

SHEKESHA: I’m not the same Shekesha that walked in here a couple of months ago. Head all down, feeling sad. The only tears I cry now is joy. Because there’s hope. There’s hope at this place, there’s hope. And I thank God.

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®