Transcript: Milwaukee Nursing Program Expands to Fill Dire Nursing Shortage

A scene opens on people's feet rounding a corner into an auditorium. A female usher guides a row of graduates into the auditorium as white text displays in the lower left. Onstage, Dr. Kelly Dries speaks at a podium.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           Milwaukee, Wisconsin

DRIES: Good evening. This celebrates the graduates' achievements in the first step in their formal induction into the profession of nursing.

A close-up of Dries at the podium with the graduates sitting behind her. A sign on the podium displays the logo for Milwaukee Area Technical College. Another close-up shows a bouquet of flowers, and then Dries appears again as her name and title display on a blue graphic in the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           Dr. Kelly Dries

                                           Milwaukee Area Technical College - Dean of the School of Health Science

 DRIES: You did it. You--each and every one of you, you did it.

The audience applauds, and a medium shot shows MaLinda Rost sitting next to the podium in her graduate robe. She speaks in voiceover.

RON SCREEN TEXT:         What made me want to become a nurse-- I was seven years old.

A close-up of MaLinda's hands as she washes them in a sink. A wider shot shows her in a doctor's examination room.

RON SCREEN TEXT:         Whenever anybody was ever sick at home, I was always the one to, like, run off the couch and get them a glass of water or bring them the big box of tissues or the bag of cough drops.

She speaks to the camera in the examination room with a stethoscope around her neck. Her name and title appear in blue graphic on the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           MaLinda Rost

                                           Nursing Student

 She squeezes the bulb on a sphygmomanometer with the cuff attached to a mannequin in a hospital bed. She continues in voiceover.

RON SCREEN TEXT:         You know, I just-- I love interacting with people and nursing is one of the only, like, careers that you really get to do that.

Now, in her graduate robe, she addresses the audience from the podium,

RON SCREEN TEXT:         You're all probably looking at me thinking I look really young. Well, you are correct. I'm 18 years old. I had the opportunity to start this program in high school last year.

The scene fades and blurs slightly as white text displays on the upper half of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           MaLinda Rost is a

                                           Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)

                                           licensed practical nursing graduate.

 Additional text appears underneath.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           MATC expanded its program to

                                           address a dire nursing shortage,

                                           thanks to a United Health Foundation grant.

 Ellen Sexton speaks in front of an examination room with a dummy visible in the bed. Her name and title display on a lower left graphic.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           Ellen Sexton

                                           UnitedHealthcare - CEO of Community Plan of Wisconsin

 SEXTON: As being a part of UnitedHealthcare, one of the things that we look at is, what is the real need in our healthcare system?

Milwaukee buildings glisten against a blue sky next to Lake Michigan as Sexton speaks in voiceover.

SEXTON: What's great about this grant is the impact that it has on the city of Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin.

A photograph shows two nursing students examining a dummy in a hospital. The dummy wears a blood pressure cuff and oxygen mask. A second photo shows a group of seven students surrounding the dummy and smiling.

SEXTON: And one of the parts of it was actually focusing on low-income students and bringing them into the nursing program.

A photo shows the previous two students examining the dummy from a different angle. Then, graduates file into the auditorium as the audience applauds and teachers wait onstage. Rost addresses the audience from the podium.

RON SCREEN TEXT:         To get to this point, it required an abundant amount of focus, dedication, and determination.

Dries speaks from the podium.

DRIES: And graduates, I welcome you to the nursing ranks.

She places pins onto the graduates robes, one by one, as she continues speaking in voiceover.

DRIES: I challenge you to advocate for those who have no voice. Stay balanced, dream big, believe in yourself, and strive to be your best self each day.

Rost speaks in the examination room.

RON SCREEN TEXT:         It's really, like, refreshing to know that you're giving more students a chance to go help out that deprivation because ultimately, it's the patients that suffers.

Rost receives her pin onstage as she speaks in voiceover.

ROSE: So I feel like my seven-year-old self is really proud right now. [laughs]

The scene fades to white, and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears in blue.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           UnitedHealthcare®

The letters fade, replaced with another logo.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           United Health Foundation®