Transcript: Weight Loss Program Inspires Workforce in St. Louis

A woman walks her dog in a park. White text appears below her.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          St. Louis

LINDA: There we go. Good job. Ooh-wee! It's a warm day in the neighborhood, buddy.

A small dog walks on a leash.

LINDA: This is Houston, rescue from St. Louis Stray Rescue. He was a survivor from Hurricane Harvey.

Linda walks alongside Harvey. White text appears in a blue banner below her.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Linda Bryant

                                    O'Fallon, MO

LINDA: I owe it to him. He's the type of dog that really needs a lot of exercise.

Linda sits at a picnic table.

LINDA: I am moving a lot. I am exercising so much more than I used to. But I love it. I--you know, there's an athlete inside here somewhere, and I love to move, and I was like that when I was younger.

Linda and Harvey stroll in the park.

LINDA: This is fun. It's paying off. So that's a great feeling. You get kind of hooked on that feeling. Perfect. Good job, good job.

Linda speaks to the camera.

LINDA: Oh, I got some stamina.

A view of the outside of the MTM building. Linda stands against a white wall and smiles for an unseen camera.

MAN: Go ahead right there.

The image fades and white text is laid on top.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Linda joined Real Appeal,

                                    a personalized, online weight loss coaching

                                    program offered by her

                                    employer's health plan

WOMAN: Sure. Perfect.

The camera pans across the MTM logo.

Alaina speaks to the camera in her office. White text appears in a blue banner below.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Alaina Macia

                                    Medical Transportation Management (MTM) CEO

ALAINA: MTM is a transportation management company. I think MTM's always been on the forefront of putting wellness into our culture.

A woman smiles from inside a video embedded into a web browser.

COACH JILLIAN: Welcome back to class.

Alaina speaks to the camera in her office.

ALAINA: We have over 100 employees in Real Appeal. They've lost over 2,000 pounds. And so we're really excited about, you know--for them, their personal journey and being healthier long-term.

Linda speaks to the camera.

LINDA: So it has. It's changed my life. It's changed, uh, how I feel about myself. I don't feel so down, 'cause I know, "Yeah, I'm overweight, but I'm doing something about it, instead of just sitting there moping about it and eating a cupcake." You know what I mean?

Linda and Harvey walk through the park.

LINDA: What do you got to lose? And just do small steps. Real Appeal helps me track my food. I believe the one-on-one with the coaches is really a benefit.

Coach Jillian holds up a food wheel.

Linda speaks to the camera.

LINDA: You don't feel like you're trying to do this on your own. Real Appeal's got your back.

Coach Jillian smiles up at her audience.

COACH JILLIAN: Let's celebrate those successes and work through the barriers we run into together.

Linda and Harvey walk through the park.

LINDA: I have lost a total of 17 inches since February 1st, which I'm very pleased and proud, because my clothes show it big-time.

Harvey poses for the camera.

LINDA: I mean, I owe it to him. I mean, I made that a commitment to be there for him. I'm gonna get a little... I love this dog. And, uh, I made that commitment, that I was gonna take care of him and m--have him live the healthiest life he can live. So--and it--and it rewards me, too, so it's a win-win.

Linda and Harvey walk down a wooded path.

LINDA: Hey, let's go smell that tree. What's up in that tree?

The UnitedHealthcare logo appears against a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®