Rhubarb Jam Recipe Transcript

The camera looks down at a wooden cutting board holding a small knife. White text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Strawberry Rhubarb


A pair of hands set out a stalk of rhubarb and chop it into small pieces.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          1 stalk of fresh rhubarb

The person slides the chopped rhubarb to one side of the cutting board. They hold out three strawberries before placing them on the cutting board and chopping them in half.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          2-3 fresh strawberries

The person sets a metal pot in the middle of the cutting board. They add the strawberries and rhubarb to the pot before zesting a lemon over the top.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          1/2 tsp. lemon zest

The person adds a small cup of white sugar.

PST: 1/2 cup granulated sugar

The person drizzles a small cup of syrup over the pot.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          3 tbsp. vanilla coffee syrup

A black induction burner sits on the cutting board. The person places the pot on top. A time lapse shows the contents cooking down and boiling.

The person sets out a blender. They add the pot's contents and place the lid on top. The blender combines the gooey mixture. The person pours the jam into a small glass jar.

The blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears against a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®