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Transcript: First UnitedHealthcare Neighborhood Clinic Opens in Houston

An overhead shot shows the exterior of the UnitedHealthcare Alief Clinic. Light music plays.

A sign stands on the sidewalk outside of the clinic.



                                    Alief Clinic

                                    Grand Opening


Colorful balloons float outside of the clinic while two people talk nearby.

Stephanie Lewis stands near a clear plastic cubicle in the office and speaks to someone off-camera.

STEPHANIE: As far as the facility, it is top-notch.

Blue text is shown on a wooden wall.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Alief Clinic

STEPHANIE: I love it. It's a one-stop shop.

A woman in a white doctor's coat walks through the office and moves into a cubicle.

STEPHANIE: Brought the home into the facility, which makes a difference.

People in purple shirts sit behind a table covered with a purple tablecloth and speak to people on the other side of the table.

STEPHANIE: How you make people feel counts.

The woman in the doctor's coat looks at something off screen and laughs.

STEPHANIE: My name is Stephanie Lewis.

Stephanie Lewis speaks to someone off-camera.

A photo of Stephanie and her son appears. She peeks over his shoulder and smiles.

STEPHANIE: I am here because unfortunately my son last year was shot and left paralyzed.

A photo of Stephanie's son being lifted from a wheelchair into a hospital bed is shown.

STEPHANIE: Just a victim of crime. Just sitting the car, texting his mom.

A photo of her son strapped to a wooden board is shown. He is standing vertically while leaning against the support.

STEPHANIE: Emotionally, it's a lot because you feel helpless as a parent because you don't know what to do.

Stephanie is shown speaking to someone off-camera in the office.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Stephanie Lewis

                                    UnitedHealthcare member

STEPHANIE: It's just a very, very painful thing.

A doctor adjusts a blood pressure monitor on Stephanie's arm.

DOCTOR: Arm right up here for me.

STEPHANIE: So it's all like a domino effect.

Stephanie sits in a chair with a blood pressure strap wrapped around her arm.

STEPHANIE: My health was jeopardized as well because I got high blood pressure now.

A monitor is shown.

A close-up shot shows Stephanie's hand resting on the table.

STEPHANIE: I have high glucose levels now.

The blood pressure wrap is shown around Stephanie's arm.

DOCTOR: So blood pressure is 168 over 96, okay?

Stephanie looks up at the doctor as she speaks.

STEPHANIE: All because I didn't know I was stressed.

Stephanie stands in the office and speaks to someone off-camera.

STEPHANIE: I was just doing what I needed to do as a mom.

Dr. Jeff Brenner stands near a sink and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Dr. Jeff Brenner

                                    Sr. VP of Clinic redesign - UHC

DR. BRENNER: You know, we all have rough moments in our life.

An examination room in the facility is shown.

DR. BRENNER: The purpose of this innovation is to make health care more accessible, kinder, more loving and more effective for underserved populations.

Dr. Brenner speaks to someone off-camera.

The exterior of the clinic is shown.

DR. BRENNER: What's unique about this office is that we have a lot more social worker time and behavior health expertise than a normal Medicaid office would.

Staff members sit at computers in the office and chat with one another.

A plaque next to a door is shown.



Dr. Brenner is shown in the examination room.

Joel Nelson is shown in the office. He speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Joel Nelson

                                    Vice President of Innovation - UHC

JOEL: We spend a lot time really trying to understand what the needs were for this specific population in the Alief neighborhood of Houston, and so both our providers and also our care team, they speak the languages that are needed.

A residential street is shown from a bird's-eye view.

A woman in a doctor's coat speaks to a patient while others converse nearby.

A woman in a purple T-shirt smiles.

The exterior of the office is shown.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Language support

                                    services available

Heather Cianfrocco stands in the office in front of a large wooden wall and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Heather Cianfrocco

                                    CEO, UHC - Community & State

HEATHER: So we think it's a shift. It's a shift in how we think about access to care, whether it's Medicaid or it's uninsured, and first it starts with convenience.

The signage on the exterior of the clinic is shown.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   UnitedHealthcare

                                    Alief Clinic

People walk through the door into the clinic.




                                    Ask Inside

HEATHER: It's the fact that access should be easier.

A woman in a doctor's coat stands in an examination room and speaks with people waiting outside.

HEATHER: It's different even from the way you enter the clinic.

Heather stands in the clinic and speaks to someone off-camera.

HEATHER: We don't have a front office here, and our patients come in and they're greeted, and then they have a self check-in.

A close-up of a sign is shown.



A woman speaks to someone off-camera.

A woman in a doctor's coat points to a mounted tablet and speaks with a group around her.

HEATHER: We also have the capability to do telemedicine.

A plaque next to a door is shown.



A woman lays on an examination bed and looks at a sonogram of her stomach.

WOMAN: The little fingers.

WOMAN: Oh, wow.

The device's screen is shown.

DOCTOR: Now I'm trying to find the heart.

The doctor, patient, and another look at the screen in the examination room.

DOCTOR: There's the heart. Yay, we found it.

Dr. Patrice Latimer is shown speaking to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Dr. Patrice Latimer

                                    Family Medicine Physician - Alief Clinic

DR. LATIMER: And I'm also able to provide prenatal care.

A doctor holds a monitor against a woman's stomach.

DR. LATIMER: So they don't have to go to an OB-GYN. They can get everything here.

Dr. Latimer points to the screen.

DR. LATIMER: Oh, look. Look at that. That's a perfect face. You saw the nose. Did you see that?

Heather stands in front of the large wooden wall.

HEATHER: Now that I'm here and I've seen it, it's beyond my expectations of what we could do for this neighborhood.

The exterior of the clinic is shown, as the camera glides away.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   UnitedHealthcare

                                    Alief Clinic

Stephanie stands near a table with four other women.

STEPHANIE: Well, I need to get him to a dentist right away. I would definitely come back.

Stephanie stands near a cubicle and speaks to someone off-camera.

STEPHANIE: I think this is going to be our facility. The drive is nothing when you got services that you need in one place at one time.

The camera shows the exterior of the clinic and flies above it.