Transcript: UnitedHealthcare volunteers help build new playground for Texas students

Inspiring music plays. The view looks down from a birds-eye view at a fenced-in area beside an elementary school. A green meshy material covers the ground within the area, and a powdery substance surrounds three holes in the mesh. A box with white text appears in the view.

Onscreen text:           Eastern Hills Elementary

                                   Fort Worth, TX

From ground level, the view gazes through the chain link fence at a white man wandering across the green meshy subsurface. Now two black men in shorts lift a flat rectangular box wrapped in plastic off the back of a trailer hitched to a truck. They carry it into the fenced-in area as an off-screen man interviews.

HUNTER: What you're seeing here today is the culmination of many months of planning.

The men kneel down beside a vertical metal beam, twisting bolts by hand onto the screws affixing the beam’s base to the ground. One of the men uses a power drill to tighten a bolt. A white man with stubble, wearing a purple t-shirt and baseball cap branded “KABOOM!”, interviews on a partially completed basketball court. Text appears.

Onscreen text:           Hunter Stevens

                                  KaBOOM! Community Build Manager

HUNTER: We met with the students of Eastern Hills Elementary School, and asked them what they would like to see in their dream play space. And what you're seeing us build right here today is the culmination of that dream planning.

Two white women wearing purple KaBOOM! volunteer shirts kneel down beside a stack of wooden beams, then lift two beams under their arms. They carry it away, one volunteer in front of the other. Several volunteers work at various tasks around them.



A volunteer hands a sheets of multi-colored plastic tiles several feet long to another volunteer, lifting it from a tall stack. The bustling KaBOOM! volunteers lay the sheets of plastic tile in an interlocking grid over the meshy subsurface, the blue and yellow tiles aligning to form a basketball court.

HUNTER: It’s a multi-sport court. So it's a court that has three different sport court lines painted on it. We have basketball, volleyball, and futsal.

Three men work together to assemble the backboard of a basketball hoop, standing on ladders as they carefully measure the pieces. An Asian-American woman wearing a white baseball cap, glasses, facemask, and UnitedHealthcare t-shirt interviews. Text appears.

Onscreen text:           Mary Hazel Claassen


MARY HAZEL: It means a lot to be a part of something greater than myself.

A volunteer sprawls their legs out as they roll yellow paint between white lines drawn on asphalt.

MARY HAZEL: We're not artists.

One volunteer measures planks of wood while another standing beside her guides planks of wood through a table saw.

MARY HAZEL: We're not builders.

Two volunteers paint blue squares on the asphalt, following an intricate series of lines indicating various colors and shapes.

MARY HAZEL: We're just employees…

A volunteer leans over and uses a measuring tape to make lines on a long wooden beam.

MARY HAZEL: …trying to have a great time in building something that is going to be memorable for everyone.

The men who assembled the backboard now affix the basketball hoop to the metal beam attached to the ground. A person uses their feet to press the interlocking tiles into place, shuffling forward as they follow the seam.

HUNTER: We're also building and painting some asphalt games…

Volunteers sitting on asphalt paint a colorful trail of hopscotch squares labeled from A to Z. A Tic-Tac-Toe board has been painted nearby.

HUNTER: …as well as some benches.

Four volunteers work together to lift a thick wooden bench.

VOLUNTEER 1: One, two three!


VOLUNTEER 1: Oh, that’s so much easier.

A woman interviews from off-screen while a group of volunteers assemble several wooden planks into the supports of another wooden bench. A vertical pole wrapped in black vinyl with white lettering stands nearby on the edge of the basketball court.

Onscreen text:           SPORTCOURT

CATINA: I have stepped all the way out of my box. But this has been great.

A volunteer hammers a nail into a metal hinge connecting two wooden blocks. Now a mixed-race woman interviews. Her hair is pulled back into a tight bun and she wears sunglasses and a UnitedHealthcare t-shirt. Text appears.

Onscreen text:           Catina Cox


CATINA: And it will mean something to all the children at Eastern hills Elementary.

Whitney, a black woman with straight hair and blue t-shirt, leans over beside a cheerful young boy holding a soccer ball strolling onto the sport court. They both wear masks.

WHITNEY: What are we going to play right here?

BOY: Soccer!

WHITNEY: Are you excited?

Now Whitney interviews, no longer wearing a mask. Text appears.

Onscreen text:           Whitney Scott

                                   Principal, Eastern Hills Elementary

WHITNEY: Many of our students live in apartment complexes, and that don't have really big open spaces.

The view revolves around the completed basketball court.

WHITNEY: This will have an opportunity for a safe, open, colorful, exciting space for them.

The view glides over the snaking trail of Hopscotch squares.

WHITNEY: They're going to love all the color.

Now the view gazes down on the asphalt games from above. On the meshy green turf bordering the asphalt, colorful letters have been arranged into words.

Onscreen text:           EHES


WHITNEY: We have the ABCs. We have the Hopscotch. So we want them to walk around and be like, “I'm a Scottie.”

Whitney interviews.

WHITNEY: We just want them to look back on this time in their life with pride and joy and love.

A bald white man in a polo shirt carries a futsal goal across the sports court, and a volunteer several feet ahead of him carries a second net. Now the man interviews and text appears.

Onscreen text:           Jeffrey Maddox

                                   CEO, UnitedHealthcare

                                   Community & State Plan of Texas

JEFFREY: The kids are gaining incredibly valuable lessons inside the school here. But this play space is also going to provide some really valuable lessons and learning opportunities for the students…

A group of volunteers cross the basketball court. The view glides over the asphalt where a bright yellow sun has been painted, followed by the labeled planets and twinkling stars.

JEFFREY: …that support the physical health and the mental well-being, and allows them to play, to have fun, to be active and to also be social.

A volunteer pours yellow paint into a paint tray. Then the volunteers paint yellow lines onto the asphalt. The young boy kicks the soccer ball into the futsal net as Whitney watches. She claps for him as he hops in celebration.


The boy picks up the soccer ball and gazes into the distance, his eyes crinkled into a smile.

HUNTER: The response from kids when we do these projects is just incredible.

A paint brush dabs a yellow star onto asphalt

HUNTER: It’s a great reminder of why we're here in the first place.

Volunteers cut a wooden pole using a table saw, guide a power drill into a wooden board, and paint colorful game spaces on the asphalt. Whitney interviews.

WHITNEY: Thank you for taking your time to invest in our children, and their children, and children to come and just- just thank you.

The view glides through the sky over Eastern Hills Elementary School where the tiny figures of kids play on the completed sports court. The stacked U’s of the UnitedHealthcare logo appear on a white background.

Onscreen text:       UnitedHealthcare