Transcript: Tidying Tips That May Impact Your Health

White text appears over a faded video of a kitchen. Light music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Easy ways to

                                    declutter 3 areas

                                    of your home

A woman enters the kitchen, as the text disappears and video fades into full view.

The woman opens a drawer.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          1. The kitchen

The drawer is disorganized and filled with utensils. The woman digs through the utensils.

She takes the utensils out of the drawer one by one and places them on the countertop.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Remove all your utensils and save

                                    only what you use.

An empty drawer organizer is shown. She places a potato peeler, an ice cream scooper, and soup spoon in compartments of different sizes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Use a drawer

                                    organizer to

                                    sort by size

                                    and use.

More utensils are placed in different compartments.

She carries the drawer organizer, now filled, to the open, empty drawer and shuts it.

She enters a bedroom closet filled with clothes on hangers and shelves.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          2. The bedroom closet

She struggles to move the bunched up hangers.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Take out all of your clothes.

She grabs a handful of hangers from the closet and lays them on a bed.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Keep items you've worn within the year.

The camera sits on the bed. The woman tosses clothes onto the bed and covers the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Donate the rest.

The screen goes black.

A garage door opens and reveals white text on the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          3. The garage

The woman enters the garage.

Two push brooms are shown.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Get rid of old or duplicate tools.

The woman carries the newer broom and hangs it on the wall.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Make a point to

                                    put items back

                                    in their proper space

                                    after each use.

The screen fades to white and blue text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Decluttering takes


                                    Take it one space

                                    at a time.

A blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare