Transcript: UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Helps Keep a Ballerina Twirling

A close-up shows handwriting on a chalkboard. Light piano music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Lemonade


A wooden crate holds lemons.

Outside, a young girl, Allie, stands in front of a lemonade stand on a sunny day.

SANDY: Allie is six years old. She likes lemonade stands.

Allie waits at the lemonade stand as a man fills a cup.



                                          SECRET POTION

                                          TO MAKE IT

                                          AN ADULT


Allie takes a sip from the cup.

SANDY: She loves horses. This year she loves to twirl like a ballerina, so we'll get her registered for dancing.

Sitting in a chair nearby, Sandy gives an interview.

Allie spins in a circle with her hands over her head like a ballerina. Behind her, people play golf.

A photo shows Allie smiling at the camera. She wears a pink bow in her hair.

SANDY: Shortly after birth, we started noticing a hand preference. We had an MRI, and apparently she had a stroke around the time of birth.

Sandy continues speaking. Text details appear below.


                                    Allie's Mom

Allie sits in a chair next to her mother.

SANDY: So it affected her whole right side. She has right-side weakness.

A photo shows Allie smiling at the camera.

SANDY: She has a speech delay. She's been wearing a AFO since about the age of one.

A photo shows Allie holding a stuffed animal and sitting on a rock wall. She wears a WalkAide, a medical device, on a cuff below her right knee.

SANDY: She's been in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, hippotherapy...

Sandy continues speaking.

SANDY: I mean, lots of therapy.

A photo shows Allie walking on the golf course. She wears a WalkAide on her right leg.

SANDY: This WalkAide is going to help take the place of her AFO, but also, this will help strengthen her muscles.

At the lemonade stand, Allie places a dollar bill on the counter.

SANDY: With the grant we received from UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation, we were able to move forward with getting the WalkAide.

Sandy looks at Allie and smiles as she continues speaking.

Still photos show Allie wearing the WalkAide as she dances on the golf course.

SANDY: Oh, it's meant so much. It wasn't looking good before, because, you know, it's hard to come up with almost $6,000.

Sandy continues speaking.

SANDY: But with the grant, we were actually able to order it and have it, and it's been great, amazing.

A photo shows Allie smiling at the camera.

SANDY: We've actually just been treated so well. Not only was she able to get her grant, we get to meet all these people who worked so hard to make this possible, and that's amazing.

Sandy looks up at the people gathered on the golf course and at the lemonade stand behind her.

Allie stands behind the counter at the lemonade stand. She smiles.

SANDY: It really is amazing, just to be able to say hi and to say thank you.

She holds Allie's right arm as she speaks. Then Sandy gestures gently toward the camera.

SANDY: Right, Allie? You want to tell everybody thank you?

Allie looks up and smiles.

ALLIE: Thank you.

The screen fades to a white background with blue text details and the UnitedHealthcare logo. Uplifting music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®