Transcript: Frosty Fat Tire Festival raises record funds for children medical grants

Upbeat music plays. The view glides over several cars parked along the path to a lodge in a snowy forest. A sign outside the lodge reads “Welcome to Frosty Fat.” Several bicycles with thick snow tires are propped up on metal racks outside the lodge. A man wearing glasses and a blue jacket, Matt Peterson, interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Matt Peterson

                                    President, UHCCF

MATT: If you’re from Minnesota you know that it’s very normal to get outside in the weather, so it’s quite windy and quite cold today.

A woman in a puffy jacket lifts her bike onto a rack.

WOMAN: Yeah, this is my first time doing this. First time on a fat tire bike. So hopefully, uh, will be okay with that.

A stubbled man with a UHCCF Frosty Fat bib over his coat interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Phil Kaufman

                                    Chief Operating Officer, UnitedHealthcare

PHIL: Minnesotans love to do crazy things, but I’m out here to ride these fat bikes to raise money for the children’s foundation.

Dozens of people mill about with their bikes as they prepare for the ride. Text appears over the blurred forest.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     The 6th Annual Frosty Fat Tire Bike Festival raised money for the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation.

Riders peddled around a closed course, raising $109,150 to help children with medical grants.

Quick cuts flash past of the riders pedaling through the forest. The riders wind through the trees, passing the lodge, parked cars, and several scattered cabins. Matt interviews.

MATT: Money is raised to help kids with grants for medical conditions that are not covered through a commercial health policy.

A blonde woman in a pink beanie interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Chelsey Berstler

                                    Vice President, UnitedHealthcare

CHELSEY: Healthcare in the US is incredibly expensive. And so, knowing that we can take that part of the burden off of them is--it feels good.

The riders cycle through a snowy field. A blonde woman with her hair in a messy bun, Kori, sits indoors in front of a fireplace as she interviews. Her young son grins at the camera, then hangs off her arm.


                                    Mother of Grant Recipient

KORI: It was just a blessing, just to not have to worry about the financial part of it so much at that time when we were just kind of in limbo with everything. And this was just a small surgery of tubes and his adenoids being taken out, yeah. So just a small thing, but financially when you’re not expecting it…

A pair of volunteers stand outside near the bike route, ringing small blue cowbells in the air. Cyclists wave as they bike past the camera.

PHIL: UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation and the foundation is coming up on a really awesome milestone, which is thirty thousand grants…

A volunteer draws tallies beside the names of the riders on a whiteboard. Phil interviews.

PHIL: …and over sixty million dollars given away to kids here, a lot of it in the upper Midwest here.

Kori’s son smiles and rings a cowbell. Another boy jumps up and down beside him.

MIKE: It’s all about raising money for the kids.

A Frosty Fat banner standing in the snow lists the names of the several sponsors for the charity ride. Inside the lodge, a man with thick glasses and a white Frosty Fat bib, Mike Baker, interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Mike Baker

                                    Sr. Vice President, UnitedHealthcare

MIKE: And without the sponsors that devote time and money to this event, and without all of the participants that also are willing to fundraise, come out, brave the cold, this event wouldn’t happen.

The view gazes down on a group of riders drifting through a clearing. A woman in a scarf and a fur-lined hood interviews.


                                    UHCCF Volunteer

JEN:  The cause is so important, something I hold dear to my heart. And seeing the kids, like little Sully out here braving the temps.

She gestures to Kori’s son.

JEN: I’m like, I can do the same.

Sully high fives an animal mascot. Kori interviews while holding him on her lap.

KORI: When you have that time in your life where you need a little help, it’s nice to know that there are people willing to give and that they come together for things like this.

A man holds a giant Frosty Fat novelty cheque addressed to the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation for One Hundred Nine Thousand One Hundred Fifty dollars, from Frosty Fat Riders and Sponsors.

From a bird’s eye perspective, the view gazes down on the lodge and snowy forest. A Frosty Fat logo with a picture of snowflakes falling over a bike rolls into the center of the view.


                                    FROSTY FAT

                                    FAT TIRE BIKE FESTIVAL

                                    Save the Date: Saturday, February 4th, 2023