Transcript: UnitedHealthcare employees receive an emotional holiday surprise

Gentle piano music plays as sunlight filters into a brick-walled loft with glossy tiled floors. A deep brown leather couch with an ombre grey and white cushion sits near a bank of windows, and a chandelier glows down a hall to the left.

A series of angles shows people entering the space and taking a seat on the couch: a smiling man in a cobalt blue suit; two women in black with fuchsia lipstick; a woman in a red t-shirt and grey cardigan; a man with a blue tie under a grey cable-knit sweater.

A camera crew is visible as the people take their places on the couch. The man in the grey cable-knit sweater speaks from the couch.

NICK THORSON: Hi! Good morning.

The view of the loft blurs, and a title appears:

ONSCREEN TEXT:           We asked people from across UnitedHealthcare to reflect on this past year.

The woman in the red t-shirt and grey cardigan speaks from the couch.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Sarah Amill
                                          Payment Integrity

SARAH AMILL: I would say one of the biggest challenges is having to cope with the reality that not everything's in my control.

A woman in a forest-green sweatshirt and matching cargo pants with gold eyeshadow speaks from the couch.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Natasha Jones
                                          C&S Community Health

NATASHA JONES: Last year I had a fire; was almost homeless. So I know how it feels to have one foot in the door and one foot out.

The man in the cobalt blue suit speaks from the couch.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Jeronimo Rodriguez
                                         E&I Specialty Benefits – Hearing

JERONIMO RODRIGUEZ:  So I live by myself, you blink, it's been a week, and I haven't really had contact with anyone.

The two women in black with fuchsia lipstick speak from the couch.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Pattie Nunnally             Hannah Cunningham
                                                Consumer Experience (and sisters)

PATTIE NUNNALLY: My home furnace exploded. Under me. While I was in the house.

HANNAH CUNNINGHAM: I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the help of my sister, we got through it. And we figured out that together, there's nothing we can’t accomplish.

A woman in a bright pink zip-up peacoat speaks.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Rita Tolbert
                                          M&R Member Experience

RITA TOLBERT: United gives me that platform, to be able to be authentic, to live my purpose, and to have an impact on people.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Nick Thorson
                                          Networks Contracting

NICK THORSON: I wouldn't be where I am today without every person that I worked with, during my time here at United Healthcare.

The view blurs, and a title appears:

ONSCREEN TEXT:           We surprised them with messages of gratitude from their managers and colleagues.

A camera crew member places a small wooden coffee table and a tablet before the couch.

OFF-SCREEN:  Well, we have a surprise for you.
NATASHA JONES: What is this surprise?!

Jeronimo laughs and covers his eyes as a masked camera crew member places the coffee table and tablet in front of him. Each of the employees’ superiors appear in video clips of remote calls through the tablet. The view shows their faces as they speak, then their employee’s reactions.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Darin Strickland
                                           E&I Specialty Benefits – Hearing
                                           (Jeronimo’s manager)

DARIN STRICKLAND: I feel that you are the perfect example of a team player. And I know that you're just a person that would give you, give the shirt off your back, if anybody needed it.

Jeronimo grins and shifts on the couch.
DARIN STRICKLAND: I want to continue to watch you grow as a leader. His demeanor is very infectious.

Jeronimo squints his eyes shut and smiles.

DARIN STRICKLAND: And if we could clone you and have 1000 versions of Jeronimo with United Healthcare Hearing, we would love it and appreciate it. But I do know there's only one true Jeronimo.

Jeronimo laughs.

DARIN STRICKLAND:  So. Thank you for everything you've done for us.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Chrstine Quesenberry
                                           Consumer Experience
                                           (Pattie’s and Hannah’s manager)

CHRISTINE QUESENBERRY: Just such a light, I guess, and a love kind of comes with them to work that really just stands out.

Pattie and Hannah smile gently.

CHRISTINE QUESENBERRY: When I think of both of them, a sense of peace, you know? That I know if something is in one of their hands that that person is going to get everything that they need.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Lizzy Hang
                                           Social Responsibility (Nick’s colleague)

LIZZY HANG: He's really energetic, and he's got a big heart.

Nick smiles softly.

LIZZY HANG:  He really cares about the things that he's volunteering for and working on. And he really brings that to life. It takes a really special person to show up and give more than just their regular day job.

Nick grins over the tablet to the crew, his eyes bright.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Tiffany Sparkman
                                          C&S Clinical Operations (Natasha’s manager)

TIFFANY SPARKMAN: She was at a place where many of our members were probably facing, and within the company like we, you know, rallied around her to you know, link her up with the resources that she needed as far as her housing.

Natasha cries softly as Tiffany speaks, and wipes her eyes with a tissue.

TIFFANY SPARKMAN: Thank you for…everything, thank you for being vulnerable. Thank you for trusting me with your story. Thank you for being the best at what you do.

Natasha dabs her face with the tissue and smiles.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Delvin Devres
                                    Payment Integrity (Sarah’s manager)

DELVIN DEVRES: Everything that you want in stellar employee is Sarah.

Sarah lowers her gaze with a soft smile. She holds the tablet as Delvin speaks.

DELVIN DEVRES: I just know I can take it to her and it's, it's done! You're an amazing person, an amazing employee. And thank you for everything that you do and continue to be.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Ben Kehl
                                          M&R Member Experience (Leads Rita’s division)

BEN KEHL: One of the things I love about Rita is just her love for people and well, that's love for people in the office here, our colleagues, love for the members that we serve.

Rita smiles with a small nod.

BEN KEHL: Or you know, one of the things that we share in common is just love for family. Like she is so dedicated to just, people. I've heard so many people that, that have talked about going to Rita for help, whether that be personally or professionally and she always makes those people a priority. So I think just the giving aspect of Rita is something that certainly brings elevation to our team.

Rita chuckles with a broad grin. Natasha throws her head back and laughs.

NATASHA JONES: Why did you guys do this?!

On his feet, Jeronimo faces away from the camera crew, wiping his eyes. The crew laughs as he speaks.

JERONIMO RODRIGUEZ: This guy. I’m gonna, I’m gonna message him. Watch. What are you trying to do to me?!

Sarah puts a hand over her heart.

SARAH AMILL: Can I have a copy of this?

Nick speaks from the couch.

NICK THORSON: That my reach is felt is pretty amazing, because I never…I never think of it that way.

RITA TOLBERT: The reason I came to United Healthcare because I wanted my life work to make a difference.

PATTIE NUNNALLY: Thank you for, um…

HANNAH CUNNINGHAM: Believing in us.

Pattie nods, her eyes full of tears.

PATTIE NUNNALLY: Thank you for…


NATASHA JONES: Like 2020 was so rough for me. But it's like now, ‘21 is like blessings just coming to me, back to back, and it's like, it's overwhelming.

JERONIMO RODRIGUEZ: I'm like, honestly very overwhelmed with the, with the moment right now.

Jeronimo laughs and covers his mouth with his hand as the view returns to Pattie and Hannah.

PATTIE NUNNALLY: There's no better team to actually be a part of. It's like we can do everything together, but nothing apart.

Gentle piano and string music fades in as blue text appears on a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     It’s the people
                                    It’s the connections
                                    It’s the relationships
                                    That make the experience

The last line fades and transforms:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     That make a difference

The block of text disappears, replaced with a blue title:

ONSCREEN TEXT:     And that’s because of you.
                                    Thank you.

A blue title appears at the top of the view, along with a blue and gold banner of holly.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Happy Holidays From
                                    The UnitedHealthcare Executive Council

                                     Brian Thompson

Mary Murley
Krista Nelson
Amy Shaw
Vicki Miller
Bill Golden

John Cosgriff
Tim Spilker
Stephanie Fehr
Brian Brueckman
Anne Docimo

Thad Johnson
Carissa Rollins
Kirsten Gorsuch
Jeff Putnam
Tim Noel

The blue UnitedHealthcare U with its three stripes appears on the white background, then transforms.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           UnitedHealthcare

                                         The title fades to black.