What Does It Take To Keep A Top Curler In Shape (Transcript)

Runtime: 1:44

[Panoramic View of the front entrance of Chaska Curling Center]

[Graphic title reads: Chaska, MN]

[Tabitha cleaning ice off the curling stone in a circular motion with her glove]

“My name is Tabitha Peterson...”

[She sets up the stone, sweeps the ice in front of her]

“...and I am a U.S. Olympic curler.”

[She lines up on the hack, pushes off and delivers the stone across the ice]

“People might watch us on TV and think it looks easy.”

[The stone slides across the sheet to hit another stone making a low crack when they collide.]

“...and then they go out and try it and then they’re like, oh yeah, that’s a lot harder than it looks.”

[Tabitha laughs]

[Scraping sound from Tabitha delivering the stone across the sheet.]

“Our physical trainer, he knows what our schedule is when we’re competing so he’ll kind of tailor our workout plan for us when we’re on the road versus when we’re at home and we have access to a full gym.”

[With her sweeper, Tabitha moves the stone toward her.]

[Change to a behind shot of Tabitha setting up to deliver.]

[Angle then switches to a focused close up of a stone, and Tabitha kneeling blurred in the background]

“When we’re traveling, we do some yoga stuff because that’s easy to YouTube a yoga video.”

[Tabitha delivers the stone]

[Scraping sound from stone sliding]

[Shot moves to Tabitha off the sheet with a resistance band below her knees. Tabitha then steps side to side.]

“We do band workouts, resistant bands–the stanky leg.”

[Tabitha keeps one leg static in a bent position while she moves the other knee out and in, she laughs and camera pans up to her face, laughing]

[Camera switches to Tabitha delivering the stone across the sheet, holding sweeper in one hand for balance. A man playing a game is blurred in the background]

“In terms of cardio, we’ll do if you have a treadmill, (camera pans back to her face) a bike or whatever you have, a rowing machine–doing intervals to kind of get your heart rate up and then you slow it back down and try to get it back up again.”

[Angle changes to Tabitha sweeping in front of the stone (making a brushing noise against the ice) as it moves across the sheet]

“That’s huge with the sweeping part of our game (camera pans back to her face). We have sports psychologists that we work with. We have nutritionists that we work with a little bit.”

[Through a small window, Tabitha delivers the stone across the ice. A curling scoreboard on the wall behind her. The camera pans back to her face.]

“We could be out on the ice during the game for up to three hours, and so you need to make sure you’re – for example your blood glucose is at the right point so that you’re not having like a brain fart.”

[Back view of Tabitha delivering the store moving away from the camera]

[Close up of Tabitha sweeping in front of the stone (brushing noise against the ice). Moves to a close up shot of the stone sliding on the ice while Tabitha continues to sweep.]

“It’s very important for me to have a healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices, even when I’m not curling.”

[Camera switches to a top view of the sheet with Chaska Curling Center logo. Then switches back to a side view of Tabitha.]

“I cheat a little bit sometimes – everybody has to.”

[Side view of Tabitha delivering the stone (a scraping sound on the ice). Camera switches to a shot behind Tabitha, then switches back a side view of her standing.]

“I have noticed just a difference in how I feel, and I have more energy if I do focus on fitness and nutrition more.”

[Tabitha getting her picture taken with three men who are curling for fun. Everyone is holding a sweeper. The woman taking the photo hands the camera back to one of the men.]

[Camera switches to the outside entrance of the Chaska Curling Center]

[Image fades into a white background]

[Graphic reads: UnitedHealthcare]

[Screen fades to black]