Transcript: UnitedHealthcare Accelerator helps tech startups address maternal care, senior health

Ambient music plays throughout.

A man and a woman chat over coffee in a contemporary office café. Blue text on the sleeve of a coffee cup reads “United Healthcare.”

A man interviews in front of an office whiteboard. A blue box slides into the bottom left of the screen containing white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Senan Ebrahim, MD, PhD

                                    Delfina CEO

SENAN: I heard about the UnitedHealth Accelerator from a variety of companies who had gone through it before me, and I heard amazing things about the catalytic effect it had on both of their understanding of their product, and the market that would buy that product.

Two women sit across from one another at a conference table. One of the women interviews. A blue box slides into the bottom left of the screen containing white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Joy Bhosai, MD, MPH

                                    Pluto Health CEO

JOY: What we’ve got are a community of people who are driven to make change and have committed to creating solutions with insight from very important stakeholders.

A man interviews from a shared workspace. A blue box slides into the bottom left of the screen containing white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Anurag Gupta, MD, MBA, MMSc

                                    Tembo Health CEO

ANURAG: So, Tembo Health – we’re on a mission to improve access and healthcare outcomes for the senior population.

The screen splits, and on the left, an image of the Tembo Health website is temporarily displayed.

ANURAG:  Thoughtful technology and workflows built specifically for the senior population, to really keep seniors healthy, happy, and at home.

Senan interviews.

SENAN: We’re Delfina, we’re a data platform for pregnancy care that’s tackling the US maternal health crisis.

The screen splits, and on the right, an image of the Delfina website is temporarily displayed.

SENAN: The way we’re approaching the problem, is by creating the largest and richest data story about each pregnancy, and then we’re able to actually predict the complications of pregnancy before they happen.

Joy interviews. The Pluto Health website is displayed as she speaks.

JOY: Pluto Health works to deliver the right resources at the right time for people. We take the softer side of data inner-operability and figure out how to address outcomes for people.

A woman interviews before a whiteboard with sticky notes taped to it. A blue box slides into the bottom left of the screen containing white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           Kaylene Thompson

                                    Vice President of Innovation, UnitedHealthcare

KAYLENE: We know that in order to come up with good solutions for our members, we have a really diverse population we have to solve for, and the only way we’re going to be able to get that is being able to bring different perspectives into all of our conversations.

Anurag interviews.

ANURAG: UHC Accelerated Program provides this tremendous opportunity for a startup to really come and learn from a health care giant. You know, just getting a glimpse of that and having the opportunity to interact with leaders across the organization is so valuable.

Kaylene interviews.

KAYLENE: As a large corporation, it’s sometimes difficult to think about problems at the, kind of, nuanced level that the companies that come into the program bring to us. So, it gives us a really excellent opportunity to collaborate with external partners. To be able to think about how their solutions can play a role in the overall health ecosystem.

Senan interviews.

SENAN: I feel like, when we’re in the startup space, we often feel like we’re screaming into the void, right? Like we have this mission, we want to tackle the internal health crisis. For me to be able to, you know, sit across the table from stakeholders at UHC – enterprised stakeholders who are leading health care. It puts us in a position where we feel like we have allies in our mission.

Kaylene interviews.

KAYLENE: There really is no better environment for you to be able to get unprecedented access to the type of expertise that exists at UnitedHealthcare.

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           United