Transcript: Your Rx for Answers - and Savings: Ask a Pharmacist

[Video Run Time - :15]

[:01 - :03 White background, icons pop on screen surrounding headline, RX, pill bottle, piggy bank, teacher’s apple, carrot & tomato, question mark, pills, handshake]

[:01 Text Headline] “Q & A”

[:03 - :06 Text pops on with Rx pill bottle icon below]

[:03 Text] “Q”

[:04 Text] “How do I know if my prescriptions are covered?”

[:07 Text] “Q”

[:07 Text with piggy bank icon below] ”How can I save money?”

[:11 Text] “Q”

[:11 Text with pills icon below] “Can mixing vitamins with my medication cause a reaction?”

[:12 - :15 Text] “Find answers HERE.”