Transcript: Practical mindfulness: Yoga flow that you can do at home

Upbeat music plays.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          5 Step Yoga Flow

A gray-haired woman practices yoga on a blanket spread out in a grassy field.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Child’s Pose

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Lower hips to

                                    heels, while

                                    resting forehead

                                    on the ground.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Rest arms by

                                    your sides,

                                    focus on your


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Hold for five

                                    full breaths.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Half Sun


ON SCREEN TEXT:          With palms

                                    pressed together,

                                    sweep arms

                                    above your head.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Grab your left

                                    wrist and stretch

                                    to the right.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Come back to

                                    center, repeat 

                                    with right wrist.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Look up for

                                    a gentle


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Swan dive

                                    into a 

                                    forward fold.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Bring hands to

                                    shins for a 

                                    halfway lift,

                                    exhale, then

                                    forward fold.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Inhale and rise

                                    with hands above

                                    your head.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Repeat


                                    three times.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Plank into Cobra

                                    into Downward

                                    Facing Dog

ON SCREEN TEXT:          From plank,

                                    lower body

                                    to the ground.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Raise your

                                    chest up into

                                    cobra position.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Tuck toes under

                                    and push up

                                    into downward

                                    facing dog.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Push back to

                                    feel a stretch,

                                    focus on your


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Downward

                                    Facing Dog

                                    to Low Lunge

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Step your

                                    right leg

                                    between hands.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Drop your

                                    left knee

                                    into low lunge,

                                    sink in to stretch.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Repeat on the

                                    opposite side.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Centering

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Lay on your

                                    back, relax

                                    your muscles.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Focus on

                                    your breathing

                                    and quiet

                                    your mind.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Seal in your

                                    practice by



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