Transcript: Fifty Children Receive the Gift of Independence – A New Bike

In a series of quick cuts, various bike parts are visible: A reflector, a wheel, pedal, and training wheel, a handlebar and brake, a row of parked bikes. A person rolls a bike alongside them as they walk. Uplifting music plays.

A man wearing wire-rimmed glasses, Joe Ochipinti, stands in front of a UnitedHealthcare sign on a porch. He talks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®

                                    Helping people live healthier lives.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Joe Ochipinti

                                    UnitedHealthcare - CEO Gulf States

JOE: It's all about being part of the community

In a series of quick cuts, various bike parts are visible: A seat and red reflector, a black helmet with a UnitedHealthcare sticker, dozens of parked bikes lined up in rows.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare

JOE: And helping them exercise. We've been able to put together a group to build 50 bikes for young and older children.

Inside a gymnasium, adults and children applaud. A man in a striped shirt holds a boy in his lap as they applaud. Back outside, workers carry bikes and stand them in parked rows. A crowd of kids wanders.

WOMAN: Who's ready to get a bike today?

KONNOR: I see it.

The man in a striped shirt, Byron, stands in the parking lot talking to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Byron Falgout

                                    Konnor's Dad

BYRON: My name's Byron Falgout. My son is Konnor.

A close-up of a red bike helmet hanging from a bike.

KONNOR: Here's my helmet, my red helmet.

A boy wearing a long-sleeved shirt, Konnor, stands near a bike holding the handlebars and turning the front wheel. He squeezes the brakes.

BYRON: I think his reaction says it all.

KONNOR: Brrm, brrm. I can't wait to ride this bike.

Wearing the red helmet, Konnor pedals the bike across the parking lot.

KONNOR: Yes, I can reach the pedals!

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Konnor Falgout


BYRON: He's incredibly energetic. So the more active he is, the better it is for him, keep his blood flowing. The medicines he takes intentionally suppress his immune system. Konnor was diagnosed with leukemia right at two years ago.

In a series of still images, Konnor sleeps beside a purple plush seahorse in a hospital bed, a bald Konnor reclines on a hospital bed, Konnor stands on a car trunk near an IV bag wearing a face mask and hospital bracelet.

BYRON: So we brought him to the emergency room at Children's Hospital and that's where we found out. So when you first hear your child has leukemia, it's kind of a really tough thing to hear. You're a little bit devastated.

In a still image, Konnor sits in a hospital bed wearing a Captain America shirt and smiling at the camera.

BYRON: He's responding to his treatments really well.

A man wearing a blue jacket and helmet stands in front of Konnor on his bike. They both stretch out their left arms and look left. The man turns his head over his left shoulder to talk to Konnor. Byron stands in the parking lot talking to the camera.

MAN: Now look to your left again.

BYRON: 92.7% chance of a good recovery. He's a really, really good kid. Even with all the video games and other distractions kids have today...

A handful of kids wear helmets and ride shiny bikes around yellow traffic cones in a parking lot.

BYRON: Getting a new bicycle is always an awesome gift. I think all the kids here, they exhibit that.

In a close-up, a wheel rolls along the asphalt. White text appears on screen and the music swells.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          50 kids from New Orleans

                                    Children's Hospital

                                    and The Boys & Girls Club of

                                    Southeast LA received a

                                    new bike and helmet

                                    from UnitedHealthcare.

KID: I love this bike.

In slow-motion, a woman wearing a blue jacket pushes a boy wearing a red helmet on a bike. He smiles and pedals. In another couple shots, a girl leans forward over her new bike and laughs uproariously. A boy smiles and pedals a bike.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          JaRodge Smith


CARLOS: It's that shiny, new toy, right?

A man wearing a zip-up shirt, Carlos, stands in the parking lot talking to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Carlos Daniels

                                    Boys & Girls Clubs Southeast Louisiana - VP of Operations

CARLOS: For them to be able to get a bicycle, get a helmet...

A handful of kids pedal bikes around a man in a blue jacket in the parking lot.

CARLOS: Practice the safety on a closed course, you know, and be ready for the road.

Kids ride their new bikes around in the parking lot. Then back to Joe talking in front of the banner on the porch.

JOE: Giving children the ability to have a bicycle where they can ride in the community, ride and visit their friends, is very important and it helps them maintain a healthy living.

Konnor rides his bike in the parking lot. He veers sideways and crashes. Then a man in a blue shirt helps him picks the bike up. He gets back on the bike.

BYRON: It's a lot bigger bike for him. He'll actually be able to grow into it.


BYRON: Certainly healthy activities, eating right, staying fit. They keep him spunky and, you know, he's got a lot of energy.

MAN: You know what they say? The best way to learn, when you fall, you get back up and keep going, right?

BYRON: So it's great to see him out riding around.

MAN: Got your safety helmet on. And the stickers. I think the stickers make it.

Back to Byron talking in the parking lot.

BYRON: He came here not even knowing he was getting a bicycle.

Back on his bike, Konnor rides around the parking lot.

BYRON: It's awesome that it happens to coincide with his birthday tomorrow, so it made it even sweeter.

KONNOR: Cool. I like this bike.

The video fades and blue text appears next to the UnitedHealthcare logo on a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®