Transcript: Helping Twin Cities youth stay active this summer while making health a priority

Someone in colorful shoes runs across a shiny floor. A blue banner appears in the bottom left corner with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       St. Paul, Minnesota

Cheerful music plays. Teenage boys play volleyball in a gym with shiny wooden floors. One of them wears a white face mask with a black t-shirt and black shorts. Now he stands in front of a wall with a painted mural of trees, strawberry bushes, and grass. A blue banner appears in the corner again with white text on it.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       Osman Hernandez

East Side Boys & Girls Club, Member

OSMAN: I enjoy playing volleyball. I come to the Boys and Girls Club around twice a week. It gets us out of the house. It gives us something to do. It keeps us active. It gives us a good team bonding experience.

Back at the volleyball game, the boys hit the ball back and forth. Now a dark haired woman in a green t-shirt and a white face mask stands in front of the mural. A blue banner appears with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       Koreena Moua

East Side Boys & Girls Club, Branch Director

KOREENA: For some, this is the only outlet they have. And their parents trust us when they get dropped off here. Some of the equipments are older. It's been here for 20 plus years.

A boy bounces the volleyball off his fingertips and another boy smacks it down, but it hits the net and he catches it.

Two boys play basketball in front of the mural.

Two sets of sneakered feet walk through a door. Now a bald man joins two women, one with her hair in a messy bun and the other with curly hair, standing around a table loaded with packaged t-shirts and snacks. The three of them wear navy blue t-shirts. On the front is a white logo of overlapping U’s with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       United


White text is on the back of the t-shirt.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       volunteer

VOLUNTEER WITH MESSY BUN: How are you? Thanks for coming.

Now a circle of adults in navy blue volunteer shirts listens as the woman with the messy bun speaks to them.

VOLUNTEER WITH MESSY BUN: We're excited to be able to partner with the club on this. We wanted to do something good, give back to the community. So we're donating sports equipment to Boys and Girls Clubs across the US including this one. Get started. Let's go. Let's go.

Now the curly haired woman carries a box and puts it down with other boxes.

Back at the meeting, the woman with the messy bun continues to talk with the others.

A box cutter slides along the box. A box opens to reveal packaged balls inside, including footballs, volleyballs, and basketballs.

Three volunteers put together a cage.

Fingers put a screw into a bar.

The curly-haired woman, Kimberly, looks at a list with a man with a buzz cut.

KIMBERLY: I love it!

Footballs rest on the gymnasium floor.

The bald man kneels on the floor inflating volleyballs. A volleyball inflates under a man’s hand.

The curly haired woman stands with the volunteers working behind her. A blue banner appears in the bottom left corner with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       Kimberly Purifoy

UnitedHealthcare, Volunteer

KIMBERLY: We have footballs, volleyballs, basketballs. That ball offers possibilities for collaboration, for interaction with other kids to make even just a small thing like playing together – it helps create bonds, friendships, community.

Two women in volunteer t-shirts put together orange speed hurdles. An orange and black weight ball rests on the floor. Someone puts another weight ball down next to it. A woman with braided hair poses next to a wire cage of basketballs and footballs. On her other side is a cart of volleyballs. A triangle stand holds six weight balls, rolled yoga mats stand on their ends, and a pile of jump ropes sits on the floor among other exercise items.

Osman stands in front of the mural again.

OSMAN: It gets me really excited to play and to like come to the Boys and Girls Club more often. It'll be a really good feeling to like not have like torn up balls in our hands.

A stack of orange cones sits on the floor in front of the ball cage beside the hurdles.

Osman sits with other teens and volunteers sit on bleachers as a man in a pale blue shirt, Brett, speaks to everyone in front of the equipment. A blue banner sits behind him with the U logo and a picture of a sneakered foot under white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       Healthier

starts here



BRETT: This is just an awesome day for us to be able to interact with you at the Boys and Girls Club. In all, our contributions is about $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club.

The curly-haired woman and the woman with braided hair sit together in the crowd.

Brett and the woman with a messy bun hold a giant check for ten thousand dollars. The U logo is in the top left corner.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       United


                                    PAY TO THE

                                    ORDER OF:      Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities $10, 000.00

A blonde woman replaces the woman with the messy bun and holds the giant check with Brett.

Now, the teenage boys play volleyball against the volunteers. One of the volunteers serves a volleyball. A teenage boy spikes the ball. The ball is brought back into the game and bounces from person to person over the net.

WOMAN: The volunteer and the kids are playing volleyball against each other. Some of the volunteers are pretty good!

Brett stands in front of the new equipment with his hands on his hips. A blue banner appears in the bottom left with white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       Brett Edelson

UnitedHealthcare, CEO Health Plan of Minnesota

BRETT: The younger you are in your life when you make health a priority, the more likely you are to make health a priority for your entire life. So being able to work with the Boys and Girls Clubs allows us to engage youth to get those healthy habits really early in age. These are fantastic boys and girls who are just looking to have a fun, healthy summer.

Osman smacks a volleyball over the net. The new equipment is organized against a wall of the gym. Osman speaks in front of the mural wall.

OSMAN: Thank you a lot because having brand new equipment like that just like excites me to be playing more.

At the volleyball game, a teenager bounces the ball and another teen spikes it into the net. The video fades to white and the blue U logo appears in the center. It fades out and is replaced by blue text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       United


The cheerful song comes to an end.