Transcript: Volunteers create care kits to support underserved communities

Inspiring piano and guitar music builds as navy text appears in the center of a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        The journey of a hygiene kit… 

The background dissolves into two white stripes over a cardboard box in a bright warehouse. Next, three views appear between the stripes: volunteers in UnitedHealthcare t-shirts packing supplies into plastic Ziploc bags. New text appears in the second stripe:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        and the compassionate hands that packed it.

The stripes vanish, revealing a close-up of hands taping shut a cardboard box. The view scrolls rapidly, showing volunteers writing notes, placing toiletries in Ziploc bags, counting out tubes of toothpaste, and working with rows and rows of cardboard boxes on tables in the warehouse. A blue banner with white text appears in the bottom left corner:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        St. Paul, Minnesota

Hilari ZiaiMehr wears a mask and a UnitedHealthcare t-shirt. Behind her, volunteers pack cardboard boxes with bags of toiletries as she describes the project. A blue banner in the bottom left corner displays her name and affiliation in white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Hilari ZiaiMehr
                                    HandsOn Twin Cities
                                    Corporate Projects Planner

HILARI ZIAIMEHR: The journey of the box really starts here. The volunteers are packing four hundred “Project In A Box,” they’re called. And these are going to be hygiene kits that are assembled by UnitedHealthcare employees in, all across Wisconsin.

Volunteer Susie Parton wears a UnitedHealthcare t-shirt as she speaks. She laughs behind a table with an open cardboard box and small cluster of toiletry bottles.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Susie Parton
                                    UnitedHealthcare Volunteer

SUSIE PARTON: Very fast work! I think we’re a good assembly line.

Volunteers tape up boxes and stack them on a wooden pallet on the warehouse floor.

HILARI ZIAIMEHR: In total they’ll be eight thousand individual hygiene kits. They will be sent to ten different nonprofits in the Wisconsin area, and they’ll be able to give those out as need be for their own programs. Each box has a body wash, a deodorant, a toothbrush, and a toothpaste; a comb, and then a card that the volunteers fill out of just, hello or encouragement. And then, that’s it! They’re just sent off.

Items appear in cardboard boxes as Hilari lists them. The notecard reads “We must each walk through life on our own, but we don’t have to do it alone,” and features two hands reaching for one another on a white background. Next, a volunteer packs a hygiene kit in a colorful home office, and a trio of volunteers pack kits on a marble kitchen island. A blue banner appears in the bottom left corner with white text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Eau Claire, Wisconsin

TINA VALL: Putting hygiene kits together for us to send throughout Wisconsin. You did one of each, right? This is such a bright spot to be able to help. There’s so many people that have been out of work, that just don’t have the resources to even get something simple as this.

A blue banner with white text lists Tina’s name and affiliation. She speaks from a dining room with a computer set up on the table.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Tina Vall
                                    UnitedHealthcare Telecommuter & Volunteer

In the colorful home office, Raulita packs a hygiene kit. Family photos decorate the bright green and orange walls behind her. A blue banner with white text appears over her desk, covered in bottles of body wash, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Raulita Kemp
                                    UnitedHealthcare Telecommuter & Volunteer

RAULITA KEMP: I want to help people who are less fortunate to have this hygiene kit. For them to feel that they are belong in the community. It’s just a small thing, but it will change their life.

Tina holds up a handwritten note in pink cursive, and Raulita writes a note in blue cursive:

TINA VALL: “Today’s a good day to have a great day. Enjoy.” That handwritten note is just key.

RAULITA KEMP: It says here “You are an amazing person.”

Volunteers fill hygiene kits and load boxes onto a dolly. In a bright grocery, a banner on the wall reads “Paul’s Pantry” while an elderly person selects colorful produce from crates. A blue banner with white text reads:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Green Bay, Wisconsin
A man in a blue collared shirt with his name embroidered on it stands before boxes of bananas, and a blue banner with white text appears below:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Craig Robbins
                                    Paul’s Pantry Executive Director

CRAIG ROBBINS: Paul’s Pantry was formed in 1984. Our mission statement is to make sure no one in Brown County goes hungry.

A Paul’s Pantry staff member in a red headband reaches across a table stacked with hygiene kits. She speaks to patrons who form a line:
MICHAELA BARTH: Can I see your white sheet? Just passing out these bags with some hygiene products. We’re giving out one per person in a household. Can I see your white sheet really quick?

Michaela sits before a metal counter loaded with hygiene kits while patrons roll packed grocery carts across the pantry floor. She hands hygiene kits to other patrons accessing the pantry. A blue banner in the bottom left appears:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Michaela Barth
                                    Paul’s Pantry Volunteer

MICHAELA BARTH: Being able to give things like hygiene products and access to stuff like that for families that are living in poverty is really, really important. It's not the first thing you think about when you think about the food pantry and what we're doing here.

CRAIG ROBBINS: Without partnerships like the one we have with UHC, we wouldn't exist. To be able to send out all of that product, put kits together in their own homes, ship it here to the pantry—I mean, that's above and beyond. To me, that's a lot of love and kindness going into it.

Craig smiles as he speaks. A gallery of photos appears, showing UnitedHealthcare volunteers smiling with their packed hygiene kits. Navy text scrolls across the center:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        400 boxes
                                    8,000 kits
                                    Spreading kindness across Wisconsin

A white background wipes across, with the UnitedHealthcare logo in the center – a stylized, navy-blue letter U that splits into three stripes on the right-hand side. The logo disappears, and text appears in the center before the view fades to black:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        United