Transcript: Supporting caregivers with resilience and sense-of-purpose

Music up and throughout.

CAPTION: When you’re caring for someone else…

It can be easy to lose sight of caring for yourself.

UnitedHealthcare ribbon appears.

CAPTION: A recent study shows

building inner strength and

personal resilience may help

improve caregivers’ mental health.

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FOOTER: Source: Geriatric Nursing, Vol 50, March-April 2023

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CAPTION: These are what’s called “protective factors.”

CAPTION: So, what are some of these protective factors?

CAPTION: Resilience

Purpose in life

Diverse social connections

CAPTION: The protective factors can also build off each other:

the more, the better.

Show image of woman hugging an older woman.

In the study, when protective factors are in place:

  • Quality of life improved
  • Depression decreased
  • Perceptions of aging were more positive

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Developing those protective factors can make a big difference in helping caregivers thrive.

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