Transcript: UnitedHealthcare CEO of MN, Dakotas on Developing Future Leaders

Brett Edelson walks through an office along a wall of glass windows. Upbeat music plays.

BRETT: My name is Brett Edelson. I'm the CEO for UnitedHealthcare of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Brett sits at a desk and types on a laptop.

BRETT: Leadership, to me, is about motivating others and creating the best environment for a team to succeed.

Brett sits at a table in a corner office and chats with a woman.

Brett sits onstage with four others and speaks into a microphone.

BRETT: I think there is one skill that any successful person needs and it is the ability and the desire to listen.

Brett is interviewed in an office. He speaks to someone off-screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Brett Edelson

                                    UnitedHealthcare - CEO of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

BRETT: So I had an opportunity to be a part of a panel that was on healthcare leadership.

The camera pans across a large room with Brett and four others sitting on stage at the front of the room. The audience sits at large round tables as they listen.

BRETT: It was a group of individuals early in their career to mid-career that were looking to make a difference in healthcare.

A woman writes on a piece of paper at one of the tables.

Audience members are shown from behind as they listen from their seats.

BRETT: To me, one of the biggest strengths that's extremely important...

Brett speaks into his microphone onstage.

BRETT: I've benefitted so much in my career from mentors, formal and informal, that have just done a tremendous job in helping me learn from them.

Brett is interviewed in an office.

Brett and the four others sit on stage.

BRETT: To provide our glimpse into what are some of the leadership lessons that we've learned, how do we learn them, and then how do they apply to the group?

Brett is shown speaking into his microphone onstage.

Brett is interviewed in an office.

BRETT: You know, one of the pieces of advice that I always provide people that are early in their career is that hard work pays off. The people who really are open to working hard, to solving tough problems, to being flexible, to recognizing that healthcare is constantly changing, those are the ones that are able to succeed.

Brett is shown speaking into his microphone onstage.

BRETT: As I look back on my career, I always feel like I was supported, and part of that support was taking enough risk to fail.

Brett is interviewed in an office.

BRETT: If you never fail, it probably means you're not taking enough risk, but also make sure you surround yourself with folks that will be there to help build you back up and to make sure that you can take on the next challenge.

Brett sits at a table in front of a wall of large windows and types on his laptop.

BRETT: And I think about the work I'm doing today and if it is more impactful, more enjoyable, if I'm having more fun, if I'm making more of an impact on healthcare, and I feel pretty good about where I'm at.

Looking through the office door, Brett is shown typing on his laptop. The camera focuses on the nameplate outside on the wall.



Brett is interviewed in an office.

Brett is shown speaking into his microphone onstage.

The audience stands from their seats as they applaud.

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears in blue.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®