Transcript: Insights into 'co-opetition' in the health care system

Transcription: Insights into “co-opetition” in the health care system

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What is co-opetition?

It combines the concepts…



(The two latter words fade out and combine into “co-opetition”)

When competitors work together and cooperate in tackling a specific challenge, it’s called: co-opetition

Let’s look at co-opetition in action.

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Let’s say neighboring restaurants pool resources for an ad in the newspaper.

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Though they’re competing against each other, it’s a strategic way to bring business to all their restaurants.

In the same way, co-opetition can be used to help scale solutions for social determinants of health.

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“It’s upstream collaboration that enhances the ability to deliver services and goods cheaper to people downstream.” -Len M. Nichols, Urban Institute

Learn how co-opetition is coming to life in health care.

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