Transcript: Helping Minneapolis students prepare for winter weather

Upbeat music plays as volunteers wearing facemasks arrange boxes and tables in a gymnasium. They rip open plastic bags and stack folded winter coats on the tables.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Minneapolis, MN

                                          Bethune Arts Magnet School

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Kelly Woods

                                          Bethune Arts Magnet School, Principal

KELLY: There’s like a buzz in the school. Today we are very fortunate. UnitedHealthcare and Eric Kendricks from the Minnesota Vikings have selected us to come and give out some coats to all of our students. They might not have a heavy enough coat, or hats and gloves, so we’re always trying to find ways to supply that for them. As a school, it’s kind of hard for us to be able to come up with that, to be able to get coats. I think the timing of it is so nice because it’s happening now. I feel like a lot of times we’re scrambling when it’s cold to find things. I think that now we’ll be able to be prepared for the cold weather.

Kids file into the gym and try on coats.

MAN: Hi!

WOMAN: Let’s try it and see if it fits.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Brett Edelson

                                          CEO, UnitedHealthcare of Minnesota

BRETT: UnitedHealthcare, our mission is to help people live healthier lives, and we know that the only way to achieve that is through strong community partnership. This is just one example of working with the school to identify the needs of the kids that they serve and find a way to support them.

WOMAN: Is that the winner?

MAN: You like the coat? Outstanding!

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Ja’Nelle


JA’NELLE: This blue and pink is my favorite color. And it looked like cotton candy.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Darrell


DARRELL: There were so many colors, and I couldn’t decide until I saw this coat and then I picked it.

WOMAN: Go like this with your arms and see if you can move.

KELLY: When somebody’s taken that time to fit a coat that really fits them, I’m just really excited to see their faces.

JA’NELLE: I love it!

KELLY: They’re just really excited that they’re gonna be able to get a coat, and I will say, they’re also excited to be able to see Eric Kendricks.

Eric Kendricks spins a basketball around his arms, then passes it to a kid. He holds a microphone.

ERIC: You guys remind me of myself, running around, playing around. I just want to say I appreciate you. I appreciate UnitedHealthcare for getting you guys the jackets you guys need for the winter. Obviously it gets pretty cold here, right? Play hard outside. Okay.

Kids get knit hats with the Minnesota Vikings logo.

KELLY: We talk a lot about being kind to each other and just looking out for each other, and so I think this just reinforces that they can see it happening to them. People are coming to be kind to them and give them some coats. It’s really nice.

DARRELL: I feel like it was kind and nice and I want to do it when I grow up.

Kids wearing facemasks pose in their new winter coats and hats. The UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare