Transcript: UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation helps young girl receive cochlear implants

Calm, instrumental music plays throughout. A mother and daughter smile and share a hug outside. The mom kisses her daughter’s forehead. A blue box slides into the bottom left of the screen containing white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Atlanta, Georgia.

The daughter, Chloe, begins speaking.

CHLOE: I love how she was helping me through all the hard times.

Chloe interviews before a blurred background. A blue box slides into the bottom left of the screen containing white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Chloe Parker

                                    UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation

                                    Grant Ambassador

CHLOE: I know for a fact that I would never be able to get through life without any of her help, courageousness, and bravery.

A still photo shows a pregnant woman, Kali, standing in her living room with a smile. Another photo shows her further along. Kali speaks over the pictures.

KALI: When I found out I was having a girl, I was super excited because I thought, you know, I have my little princess.

A photo shows a wide-eyed baby Chloe. Then, Kali interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Kali Parker

                                    Chloe’s Mother

KALI: The first time I saw her, I just cried – just tears of joy. We were ready to leave the hospital and they did the routine hearing exam prior to leaving the hospital, and the doctor came back and told me that she’d failed the hearing test.

Blue text centers a white screen.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Chloe was diagnosed with atresia –

                                    a medical condition leaving her

                                    deaf in her left ear and partially

                                    deaf in her right ear.

Kali interviews with Chloe sitting beside her at a golf driving range.

KALI: UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation… it saved the peace from my family.

A slideshow of photos appear as Kali continues to speak: baby Chloe wearing a pink bow on her head, a roughly five-year-old Chloe sleeping in bed beside a stuffed dog, Chloe leaning back in a plastic cafeteria chair smiling, and Chloe holding up pom-poms while wearing a red cheerleading uniform.

KALI: She had to have – her surgery for hearing aids included implants. And so, she wasn’t able to do that surgery until she was past a certain age. So, she received the implants at five years old. I didn’t know there were grants like that. The stress of the appointments and everything else was already heavy, but the expense was a whole ‘nother story. It was more than money, it was just an all-around support system. I remember when she got the implants and they fitted her for the hearing aids for the very first time, and she turned and looked at me – she could hear my voice for the first time, clearly. And I just cried. I mean, to have your child –

A warm smile crosses Chloe’s lips as she listens to her mom speak. Kali pauses and waves her hand in front of her face, trying to hold back tears.

KALI: – not be able to hear, and then you can see on their face that they can hear you clearly for the first time… It’s just life changing.

Chloe pulls her hair back, places a wired device behind her left ear and smiles. Then, she interviews.

CHLOE: It’s changed my life because I can now focus more in school and just be a normal kid.

A blue sign reading “TOPGOLF” appears in front of a flower garden outside a building. Inside, someone takes a golf club out of a holder and hits a golf ball off a tee. A group of people walk past a banner for the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation that reads “Welcome, please check in here.” Kali, Chloe, and a young man watch a man, Junior, speak into a microphone. A blue box slides into the bottom left of the screen containing white text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Junior Harewood

                                    CEO, UnitedHealthcare of Georgia

JUNIOR: UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation is a charitable foundation that was founded in 1999, providing medical grants to help children. And by supporting this event, you’re helping us to get to our goal of fifty-thousand awards by 2030. We’re getting closer. Chloe’s received multiple grants for hearing aids and supported the United Children’s Foundation as a Grant Ambassador.

A golf ball slides out of a dispenser. Standing on a driving range tee, Chloe drives a ball out into a field. Then, she interviews with the driving range behind her.

CHLOE: I just want to thank everyone. I know for a fact that without the care and everything that they’ve been giving to me and my family, I know that I would never even have dreamed of something like this. Or made it along the path that I am today.

Kali wraps her arms around her daughter and smiles. Their image fades into a white screen. A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:           UnitedHealthcare

The music fades.