Transcript: New collaboration targets urgent health challenges for Colorado youth

Warm music plays over a view of a sign that reads:

Rocky Mountain Health Plans
A UnitedHealthcare Company
Weber Building

We see a crowd of people standing outside a tent. Phil Weiser speaks in voiceover and then appears on camera.

PHIL WEISER, Attorney General of Colorado: We're coming out of a pandemic and young people have borne a serious burden. The isolation people have felt.

Phil continues in voiceover as we see a registration table with masked women signing in, a crowd of masked people waiting for a speaker outside.

PHIL: ... the stresses and anxieties, it takes a toll. We want to make sure we're supporting young people in positive ways, helping them achieve their dreams.  

PATRICK GORDON, CEO Rocky Mouontain Health Plans, UnitedHealthcare: You know, in our state, there's a tremendous need for access to high-quality health care and comprehensive behavioral health services.

Patrick speaking at a podium that says: "UnitedHealth Group."

PATRICK: I'm very pleased to announce, on behalf of the UnitedHealth Group, the Rocky Mountain Health Plan is making a $30 million charitable contribution to support communities across the Western slope and all of Colorado.

A crowd of masked people claps and cheers.

PHIL standing next to PATRICK: I often say our democracy is the team sport. We need everybody pulling together and that's the sort of convening that's happened here.

Phil continues in voiceover as the camera shows him speaking at a podium inside a tent in a parking lot.

PHIL: It's very meaningful and it's going to be impactful.

JEFF ROBERTS, Director, Colorado Youth Corps Association: I think kids lose their voice these days, and we're hoping that we can be a part of the change.

Video shows seated, masked attendees in the crowd, as we hear Bud Taylor in voiceover.

BUD TAYLOR, Executive Director, Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club: We'll be able to help a lot more kids will get the appropriate [00:01:00] programming set up for all of our sites across the States.

Phil continues in voiceover as video of him chatting with masked attendees plays. A shot is seen of Patrick Gordon speaking to a man standing behind a video camera. 

PHIL: We have an attitude that we want to solve problems. And when companies like UnitedHealth come to the table and want to be a part of investing in supporting our communities, we're thrilled to partner and collaborate. 

PATRICK: Whole person support for the emotional wellbeing of a person and community systems of care are critical to the health of everyone.

A logo of UnitedHealth Group and Rocky Mountain Health Plans plays as the music fades and the video goes to black.