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Community Health Workers Transcript

The camera moves down a quiet residential street, pointed out of the window of a car at the houses. Light piano music plays.

LISA: There's more than just seeing the doctor.

Close-up shot of hands on a steering wheel of a car.

LISA: There are obstacles that sometimes prevent the person, or barriers that prevent the person from actually seeing the doctor.

The driver of the vehicle, Lisa, looks both ways before spinning the wheel and turning left.

Lisa walks up the sidewalk towards a house as another woman walks from the house to meet her. They extend their arms and embrace.

LISA: Marian was my member I reached out to to close her gap in care.

Lisa sits in a plastic chair in the front yard of the house and addresses someone off-camera.

LISA: She had a question and needed a referral to someone.

Lisa and Marian walk into the kitchen and sit at a round table.

LISA: I provided her with the resources. We closed her gap in care. But she called me back. Good morning, Marian.

LISA: And she said, "Okay, I had my appointment. This is what happened. This went well." And even if it didn't go well, she would let me know.

Close-up shot of Lisa listening to Marian and laughing.

LISA: My role is to reach out, contact the member, see what's going on; why is there a gap in care?

Lisa and Marian sit at the table together in the kitchen.

LISA: Is there anything I can do to help them navigate the United Healthcare system better?

Lisa writes on a piece of paper while talking with Marian.

LISA: If they recommend--did the doctor recommend that you have the shingles shot?

Lisa sits in the plastic chair outside.

LISA: My proudest moment is having them overcome the obstacles of calling, to hear them say, "I'm glad you called, Lisa.

Lisa and Marian chat at the table in the kitchen.

LISA: "Now I know I can call you if I need a ref-- a phone number, if I'm having difficulty with this, I can call you and you'll help me."

Close-up shot of Marian talking with Lisa.

Lisa sits outside and addresses someone off-camera.

LISA: And yes, I will.

Lisa and Marian sit together on a porch outside the house.

LISA: We're looking at, why aren't you getting it? Why is there a gap in care?

Close-up shot of Lisa's pen and notepad on the table.

Lisa and Marian sit at the table in the kitchen.

LISA: What is it that we can do to make your visit successful?

Lisa sits in the plastic chair outside and addresses someone off-camera.

LISA: What is it we can do to make your journey successful in your own healthcare?

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare