Transcript: Giving kids in underserved communities a safe place to play, learn and grow

A green and yellow sign sits on the grass of a suburban street while upbeat music plays. White text sits underneath an emblem of an eagle.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Established 1922
                                    ROSE CIRCLE PARK
                                    Rose Circle at White Street SW

In a city basketball court, a young boy nets a basket. A pair of hands attach a sign to the fence.


ART BY Elaine Stephenson


A man in a light green beanie and a Georgia Tech shirt interviews.

MAN IN BEANIE: United Healthcare and Art in the Paint are doing something huge. Not only do we have a refurbished court to play on, but one that’s painted and looks beautiful.

A man in a black t-shirt smiles. A woman with short auburn hair and a green plaid shirt interviews.

WOMAN IN PLAID SHIRT: Our mission at United Healthcare is to invest in the people that we serve as well as the communities in which they live.

She talks with a man in a yellow shirt. A kid dribbles down the court and between his legs. A girl in a yellow shirt interviews.

GIRL IN YELLOW SHIRT: Thanks to um, their help, we were able to put a mural on this court and allow the kids a place to play.

A kid shoots the ball and scores a basket. A pair of hands packs a face mask into a small cardboard box.

A woman in a UnitedHealthcare t-shirt interviews.

UNITED HEALTHCARE REP: We have hand sanitizer, hand wipes, key ring. We also have a cup in there, for them to drink water after they’re actually finished their game that they’re playing today.

She poses for photos in a face mask and holds up a white box with text on it.


She smiles next to a small boy who holds a basketball in one hand.

UNITED HEALTHCARE REP: We wanna make sure that we’re providing resources and tools to the community, to make sure that they’re staying safe from COVID.

At a table, she and another man hand out small UnitedHealthcare boxes to the children beside the court.

Four girls stand in a line and hold basketballs. They wave.

GIRLS: Thank you United Healthcare!

The kids play basketball on the court. A man in a yellow shirt talks to two older boys on the sidelines.

WOMAN IN PLAID SHIRT: Being able to see young people come out, play together, get mentorship from respected adults in the community, and also get access to resources that could improve their health and wellbeing. All of those things are critical to who we are as a company, as well as the people that we serve.

All the children smile and pose together with the UnitedHealthcare worker on the basketball court.

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®