Transcript: Complex Care Concierge program helps members find support through life’s challenges

Green trees line a suburban street. In the lower left-hand corner, a blue banner appears with white text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Beverly Hills, FL

Gentle, inspiring piano music plays.

CAROL MAZZULLO: I moved here from Maryland—loving life because it's Florida and it's warm. And at this stage, my bones just love to be down here. I'm Cal Mazzola, and I live in Beverly Hills, Florida.

A blonde woman in sunglasses sits on a porch, gazing up at a palm tree waving in the sun. A blue water tower over the city reads "Beverly Hills." Now a photo shows Carol smiling in a lawn chair.

CAROL MAZZULLO: I began to notice my health declining. I began to realize that it had really started back in Maryland, but I had not taken care of myself. The diabetes, I was a type 2 diabetic. I went to the hospital because…

In a bright living room, Carol speaks from an armchair. A blue banner with white text appears in the lower left-hand corner:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Carol Mazzullo                                                                                                                                                           Member

Carol points to her right leg.

CAROL MAZZULLO: this leg had actually developed a foot ulcer on the bottom of it. This was horrific. It actually caused me to have to lose my right leg.

The view pulls back to show Carol's leg, amputated at the knee. Now a blue-tinted photo shows a health care professional supporting Carol with a prosthesis in a wheelchair. White text over the image reads:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        After her leg amputation Carol's health journey had a long road ahead,

both physically and mentally.

CAROL MAZZULLO: I didn't know what I was going to do. Was I going to walk again? Was I going to feel like I was a whole person? What did that feel like?

Carol looks up at the ceiling with her pale blue eyes. She blinks away tears.

CAROL MAZZULLO: When I came home to this house, I was here all by myself. What I had to do was pick up the phone.

Carol smiles in a hospital photo. A blue tint washes over the photo, and white text appears:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Carol was referred to the UnitedHealthcare Complex Care Concierge (C3)

program, which helps connect eligible members to holistic, one-on-one support. Through the C3 program, Carol was connected to a UnitedHealthcare chaplain that helped her emotionally and spiritually navigate this new chapter.

Now a woman with curly blonde hair speaks near a curtain covered in a botanical print. White text in a blue banner beneath her shows her name and affiliation.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Laura Ritter                                                                                                                                                               UnitedHealthcare, Chaplain/Care Specialist

While Laura speaks, a photo shows Carol smiling and waving in a physiotherapy device at the hospital.

LAURA RITTER: My name is Laura Ritter, and I'm a chaplain for the Family Engagement Center. When we first met, she had just gotten home from the hospital and she was just trying to figure out, how is she going to get through each day. She was having trouble sleeping.

CAROL MAZZULLO: She would listen emphatically to me and allow me to just express what was on my heart.

LAURA RITTER: Part of my goal as a chaplain with UnitedHealthcare is to meet that patient at that bottleneck time where they're really in a crisis and to sort of walk through that crisis with them and make sure they have resources and people to turn to on the other end.

In a blue-tinted photo, Carol stands with assistance near a wheelchair. White text appears over the image:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        In addition to Laura's support, Carol has a dedicated care advisor to help

with daily insurance needs and a nurse who helps with virtual management of her physical care.

CAROL MAZZULLO: All three worked in such a tremendous way that and they all talk to each other on a consistent basis, and provided notes so that each one could read and find out how I was doing. I was so impressed with the way that UnitedHealthcare was just taking me under. At no given time did I ever feel alone.

A diagram appears on a blue background. Photos show the members of Carol's care team and white lines connect them. Dave appears at the top with Laura and Amanda to the left and right of Carol.

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Carol's UHC Care Team                                                                                                                                           Dave, Care Advisor                                                                                                                                                   Laura, Chaplain                                                                                                                                                         Amanda, Nurse Case Manager

With a professional nearby, Carol uses parallel bars for physiotherapy in a photo. In a video, she walks with a prosthesis, hanging on to the parallel bars.

PHYSIOTHERAPIST: You’re doing better than you did the first time!

LAURA RITTER: Carole has set herself up on a new trajectory. She's been given this incredibly challenging circumstance and she's turned it around into an opportunity for her life.

Now windchimes wave in the breeze on Carol's porch.

CAROL MAZZULLO: I’m so excited. When I heard that you all were coming, I thought, “Wow, I get to meet Laura!”

Laura walks up Carol's driveway. Carol gets out of her wheelchair to give her a hug. They share a smile.

CAROL MAZZULLO: This program works. I am so fulfilled because of them. I'm just thankful for UnitedHealthcare, just seeing me through my journey.

The view soars over Carol's house as she and Laura talk on the porch. A white background fades in with blue text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Complex Care Concierge

The UnitedHealthcare logo—a blue letter U with its right arm divided into three stripes—fades into the center of the background. Next, the logo disappears and new blue text emerges:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        United                                                                                                                                                                       Healthcare

The view fades to black.