Transcript: Helping those with disabilities gain employment through internship experience

Warm music plays as Reid Madden approaches an office building. He speaks in voiceover as he walks across the lobby and takes a seat at his desk.

REID: My name is Reid Madden. I am interning with the Sales Communications Department. It's already a competitive job marketplace...

He speaks to the camera as his name and title display in a blue graphic in the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Reid Madden

                                    Sales and Communications Intern, UnitedHealthcare


REID: And there is, like, a two-thirds unemployment rate for people with disabilities.

He continues in voiceover as the camera shows him working at his desk from various angles.

REID: I do tend to disclose my autism for this. I've been diagnosed since I was three.

He speaks to the camera.

REID: And if people know that about me, I think that helps both of us.

He continues in voiceover. He walks past the blue UnitedHealthcare logo emblazoned on a white wall, then crosses between a row of cubicles on his way back to his desk.

REID: I'm not treated as, like, a charity case or like I'm just here to check a box. I am part of a team.

Andrea Eselunas speaks to the camera in an office. The wallpaper features a black and white photograph of a bridge. Her name and title appear in a blue, lower-left graphic.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Andrea Eselunas

                                    Director of Disability and Inclusion - UnitedHealthcare


ANDREA: The Disability and Inclusion internship program really was a pilot, and it was a hope for us to really advance in number of people to come in...

As she continues in voiceover, a close-up shows the UnitedHealthcare logo on Reid's beige backpack underneath his desk.

ANDREA: To really try this corporate setting and really give us their talents.

She continues in person.

ANDREA: And then from there, we would hopefully see a high potential of conversion, with our goal being about 50% of those interns hopefully, you know, coming on board as permanent employees.

Reid participates in a videoconference in a small conference area. The screen splits to show Alissa Brown speaking to him from her office on the left.

ALISSA: So I'm really excited to have you move in that direction.

REID: I'm excited to get to work on it.

As Alissa speaks, a wider shot shows Reid on the conference call behind glass doors then cuts to her addressing the camera. Her name and title display in the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Alissa Brown

                                    Director of Sales & Consulting, UnitedHealthcare


ALISSA: Reid is a great asset to the team. Anytime you need help with something, or there's a new project coming through the door, he is right there, ready to jump in and do whatever he can.

Reid passes through the security turnstile in a spacious lobby. He speaks in voiceover then addresses the camera directly.

REID: This company values making its corporate workforce match the community that it serves.

Reid continues his videoconference in the small conference room. Alissa speaks in voiceover, then to the camera. A vase of roses sits at her left.

ALISSA: I was able to call Reid and let him know that we are excited to bring him on with our team full-time.

Reid taps at his laptop computer at his desk. Sunlight streams through the windows beside him.

ALISSA: We're really excited to have Reid on the team, and we know he'll be a great asset.

Reid continues his interview.

REID: The saying that often comes up in disability advocacy is, "Nothing about us without us."

A wider shot shows him speaking in an empty office. He wanders past a break room and rows of cubicles.

REID: You know, got to keep moving forward, because there's a lot more people with disabilities out there. This is a major untapped talent pool.

He finishes speaking to the camera.

REID: And they will. They will give you great work if you give them the tools and support that they need.

The scene fades to white, and the blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears in the center.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          United



The scene fades to black.