Transcript: Grant Helps Boost STEM Learning Programs for Students

Inspirational music plays as people enter a school gymnasium set up with booths. White text appears.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Hopkins, Minnesota

A brown-haired woman wearing a yellow blouse with a dark blazer holds a microphone and a water bottle as she addresses the room.

RHONDA: Good evening, families. We are so happy that you joined us this evening.

A close-up shows colorful lights flashing. A little girl blows bubbles in the gym. Another girl rips a piece of tape off a roll as people mill around. She secures a rolled-up piece of paper.


NICOLE: Tonight, kids are learning different STEM activities.

Text appears over a blue banner as the girl interviews, wearing a bowtie.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Sophie

                                    4th Grader

SOPHIE: You get to make things out of, like, paper.

An adult helps a kid fold a paper airplane. Children toss ping pong balls at plastic cups inside of hula hoops on the floor.


NICOLE: How do we get kids more engaged in STEM? And so a night like this…

A boy gets a ball in the cup, and it tips over.


BOY: Ooh!

Text appears as a blonde woman continues interviewing.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Nicole Lawn

                                    Discovery Education – Partner Engagement Manager

NICOLE: Shows kids a different type of fun activities that involves STEM.

Kids skip across the gym behind her as a man talks into a microphone. A kid touches a wire to a small lightbulb on a battery, and it glows. The image fades, and text appears.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          A UnitedHealthcare grant led to a

                                    partnership with Discovery Education

                                    to bring additional science, technology, engineering

                                    and math curriculum into dozens of

                                    schools in the Twin Cities.

Kids eye a large bundle of colorful pipe cleaners. A man interviews as text appears.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Brett Edelson

                                    UnitedHealthcare – CEO of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

BRETT: Our youth, with better knowledge around science, technology, engineering, and math, to be able to make great healthcare decisions. And, in doing so, not just empowering them as individuals, but empowering their communities.

An adult supervises as kids secure straws in plastic bottles with clay. Sophie gathers a set of paper tubes and positions them.


SOPHIE: I am going to put these in a triangle.

The woman who was speaking into the microphone, Rhonda, interviews as text appears.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Rhonda Mhiripiri-Reed

                                    Hopkins Public Schools – Superintendent

RHONDA: We are shifting toward a future of learning. So we imagine, well, what should learning feel and sound and be like in the future? Teachers need tools like this that can accelerate students’ learning at a certain grade level or in a certain content area or enrich a student’s learning.

A kid squeezes his bottle, and a small dart launches out of the straw. A little girl cuts up a piece of paper as she shyly glances up at the camera. Another child folds a paper airplane, and a dog mascot dressed like a doctor high-fives a different kid. A kid hops up and down, and someone wears a shirt that reads @do good live well, volunteer. Kids stand at a table and cut pieces of paper.


RHONDA: Learning should be fun. It should really elevate students’ imaginations and help students feel like they are problem solvers.

A student rolls a clay cylinder on a table, and a little girl nods. Sophie tapes three paper tubes upright on a table. She places a piece of paper over them and tries to balance a thick book on top as an adult helps her.


SOPHIE: No, it’s gonna fall!

RHONDA: Then create problem solving opportunities for the world.

The book balances on the paper tubes. Sophie grins and claps.



MAN: Yay!

SOPHIE: I did it! I did it!

A blue logo appears over a white background.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®

The picture fades to black.