Transcript: Minnesota Vikings Help Kids in Foster Care Start Off the School Year Right

An aerial shot of a building abutting a green space and a parking lot full of cars out front. Light music plays.

In a sunny room, a handful of people fold purple Vikings T-shirts into neat stacks on folding tables.

WOMAN: Yeah, I got tickets.

A woman holds a stack of orange sneaker boxes.

WOMAN: Boys' table on that side.

A man stands over a table laden with sneaker boxes holding one of the sneaker boxes.

MAN: Are we gonna put men's over here, too?

People stand around an empty table smiling. A close-up of a T-shirt sleeve reveals black text and a red heart.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          do good.

                                    live well.


ALEXIS: So we're super excited to have UnitedHealthcare...

A woman with curly hair, Alexis, talks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Alexis Oberdorfer

                                    Executive Director of Adoption for Children's Home Society

ALEXIS: The Minnesota Vikings, and Dream Builders come together to celebrate kids...

In a couple quick shots, children color with crayons and kick bare feet.

ALEXIS: Who are in foster care and need to be adopted or have been adopted.

A man with short hair, Brett, talks to the camera. Then a man in a Vikings jersey chats inaudibly with another man.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Brett Edelson

                                    CEO - UnitedHealthcare of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

BRETT: All the kids, uh, are gonna have an opportunity to meet the Vikings players, uh, which is probably the most special part...

A woman crouches in front of a table laden with open cardboard boxes. She uses a marker to write on a cardboard box, a silver and pink snowsuit next to it.

BRETT: And then we're giving them back-to-school gear.

Someone stacks a black backpack on top of two others. Two people fold purple T-shirts. Someone unwraps paper from a white and baby blue sneaker inside an orange box. Back to Brett talking to the camera.

BRETT: So we have backpacks, T-shirts, shoes, and everything they need to have a successful start to the school year.

A woman with a purple lanyard, Mayra, talks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Mayra Desantiago

                                    Provider Services, E&I - UnitedHealthcare

MAYRA: 'Cause we've all been there, right? Where you see, like, the kid that's not wearing, like, the newest clothes or whatnot

A close-up of the open lid of a cardboard box with purple text on it. In another shot, a whole row of open cardboard box lids with purple writing is visible lined up on a table. In the boxes, light blue and purple zippered shirts are visible wrapped in plastic. In another shot, a woman peeks out from behind a cart stacked with boxes as she pushes it.




MAYRA: So seeing that we're able to help them out in that aspect, to make their first week of school, um, made more pleasant.

WOMAN: Excuse me. [laughs]

A man wearing a polo shirt, George, talks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          George Edwards

                                    Vikings Defensive Coordinator

GEORGE: Just wanted to celebrate the kids through, you know, the different things that they encounter throughout the foster system and just wanted them to have a day to recognize themselves, to celebrate themselves.

Alexis stands in front of a row of flags holding a microphone.

ALEXIS: Are you ready?

ALL: Yeah!

Back to Alexis talking to the camera.

ALEXIS: I benefited from adoption. I understand personally what it means to be adopted and having a forever family.

A little girl wears an overlarge black backpack. A close-up of the back of kids in sneakers. A man in a Vikings jersey hands plastic-wrapped clothing to a little girl in a woman's arms. A woman holds a child and a pair of sneakers.

BRETT: I think when you are at your most vulnerable, when you're at the most challenging times in your life, that's when you need a partner the most.

WOMAN: Let's go put them on.

People stand behind a table laden with clothing wrapped in plastic. The man in the Vikings jersey hands a plastic-wrapped item to a girl.

ALEXIS: UnitedHealthcare has been incredibly generous at--at giving a donation to the Dream Builders Foundation that has funded all of the amazing things that the kids will receive here today.

A woman with long curly hair hands a T-shirt to someone off screen and smiles.

WOMAN: Okay, well, there you go.

Back to Alexis talking to the camera.

ALEXIS: We know what happens when kids age out of foster care...

A child wearing a black backpack holds an item wrapped in plastic. A man gives a child a black backpack.

ALEXIS: And the outcomes aren't good, so anything we can do to promote kids having permanency is something that is absolutely essential.

A man stands behind stacks of orange sneaker boxes and hands someone a box. Someone takes a backpack from a stack. A child holds a sneaker box and pulls a stroller laden with plastic-wrapped items. The woman with long curly hair hands purple T-shirts to two teens wearing backpacks.

BRETT: There's a really strong connection between education and health, and in order to be healthy, you have to have a really strong start to your education.

The man in the Vikings jersey, Aviante, talks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Aviante Collins

                                    Tackle - Minnesota Vikings

AVIANTE: Let these kids know that you can do it, you can make it, or, like, I like to say, like, "Why can't you?" You know? They--most kids say, "Oh, I can't--I can't get adopted," and I'm like, "Why can't you?" Or "I can't go to school." "Why can't you?"

Back to George talking to the camera.

GEORGE: Being able to give them an opportunity to be able to have a dream...

Kids take plastic-wrapped items. A man in a Vikings jersey smiles.

GEORGE: And be able to chase that dream or let them know that they still have hope to be able to reach those dreams.

Blue text appears with the UnitedHealthcare logo on a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare