Transcript: Renew Active keeps seniors moving through popular pickleball club

A blue flag with a beige star in the center flutters. Red and yellow rays beam along the top from the star.

White text appears over a blue chyron on the bottom left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Tubac, AZ

A sprinkler sprays water over a lawn.

Black lettering sits above the door of a brick building.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Tubac Community Center

A small ball with holes sits on the ground in a pickleball court. Two women and two men stand on opposite sides of the court and hit a ball over a net in the middle with paddles.

A chyron with white text appears as a woman with brown hair and hoop earrings interviews.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Michele Titcomb
                                           UnitedHealthcare member

MICHELE: The reason I started playing Pickleball, a friend stopped me and said, “I need a partner for Pickleball.” And I said, “Okay, what’s Pickleball?” And the rest is kind of history.

They hit the pickleball back and forth.

MICHELE: The Pickleball community in itself is just phenomenal. I lost my husband a year and a half ago. And everyone here was just right there for me. They were calling, come on let’s go do this, let’s go play. If everybody could have that, they could get through anything.

A chyron with white text appears over a blonde woman with a pink striped shirt.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Lucie Desmond
                                           Tubac Pickleball Club

LUCIE: The Pickleball Club has meant a lot to the community. It has brought many people together. Out of their homes, exercising. It’s a wonderful health benefit, not only health, but socially.

Michele runs towards the net to hit the pickleball. A man with a yellow shirt on the other side raises his arms in celebration. He taps his paddle against his partner’s, a man in a grey shirt.

Text appears over the chain link gate to the court.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           Renew Active®
                                           available on most
                                           Medicare Advantage
                                           plans, includes
                                           Element3 Health
                                           activity clubs.

Text appears as a man in a blue shirt prepares to hit the pickleball.

ON SCREEN TEXT:           The benefit covers
                                           membership dues
                                           for virtual and
                                           in-person clubs
                                           like the Tubac
                                           Pickleball Club.

Black lettering sits at the top of a brick building.

                                           NORTH FACILITY

LUCIE: Our community that we’re serving is retired. Usually in about the sixty to seventy range.

Lucie hits the pickleball.

LUCIE: It’s a great benefit for the members because they’re not paying their dues out of their pockets anymore. And it gives them an excuse to come down here even more to play.

A man in a blue shirt serves the pickleball across the court to Michele.

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: Five, four, one.

LUCIE: It’s a win-win, all the way around.

MICHELE: It’s helped socially, which is also mentally. It’s helped physically because it’s a great sport because you can play for four hours, and feel good about playing, but you’re not like so exhausted that you’ve got to go home and take a nap. I think retirement is awesome, and pickleball has been a huge part of that.

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            UnitedHealthcare®

Blue text sits below the UnitedHealthcare logo.