Transcript: Everyday LifeChanger Travis

Upbeat music plays. A sign on the side of a beige office building reads “UnitedHealthcare.” Text appears.


Inside the building, a placard resting on a desk reads “Travis Hill, UHC Operations.” Travis, a middle-aged man with glasses and a goatee, works on a computer. A woman with shoulder-length hair, Sandy, speaks in voiceover.

SANDY: Travis is the associate director over two employee experience programs.

Sandy interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Sandy Marino

                                    Sr. Director, Consumer Experience

                                    Travis’ Manager

SANDY: One being the site mayor, and the other being the voice of the employee program.

Sandy speaks in voiceover as an employee carries a tray of food through a cafeteria. A sign reads “You’re Invited to the Duluth Beach Party BBQ.” A string of pineapples cut out on paper hangs from a wooden counter.

SANDY: Potlucks, or barbecues, or you know, Relay for Life. The cancer walks.

Travis works at his computer.

SANDY: He helps organize all of that.

In a conference room, Travis addresses a committee.

TRAVIS: We’re gonna do tie blankets for the Ruth house in Superior.

An employee ties the tassels on the edges of a blue blanket.

TRAVIS: And then we’re doing Grins To Go for the Ronald McDonald House in Duluth.

Various simple toys and practical joke items line a table. Travis grins.

SANDY: When we had the opening for the role that he’s in now…

Travis greets a group of women as they step into the cafeteria.

TRAVIS: Hello, welcome, come in and have some lunch.

Sandy speaks in voiceover as Travis chats with a man in a suit.

SANDY: He has an openness about him. A curiosity about him. An energy about him…

Travis smiles and pumps his hands in a “raise the roof” motion.

Sandy interviews.

SANDY: …that we just knew that it had to be Travis.

Travis and a dark-haired woman arrange notepads and water bottles on a table.

SANDY: He’s empowered to do whatever’s right for the employee, for the consumer. And he just takes it and runs with it.

A grey-haired man, Chris, interviews in an office.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Chris Byrnes

                                    Senior Vice President of Operations

CHRIS: Travis was really a leader as we navigated our way through Covid and the impacts that that was having, not only to us as a business, but to our employees and our leaders of our employees as well.

Travis works at his desk. Chris speaks in voiceover.

CHRIS: And really trying to make sure that they have the tools, the information, and the knowledge to help us successfully navigate through that time period.

A sign on a wall reads “Let’s elevate care together.” In the cafeteria, Travis speaks with the cooks behind the counter.

TRAVIS: How’s it going?

COOK: It’s going really good.

Travis speaks with someone at a table.

TRAVIS: Yeah. That would be a perfect activity.

In a video call, a bearded man wearing a headset interviews.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Kirk Miles

                                    Senior Director at UnitedHealthcare

                                    St. Louis Site Mayor

KIRK: I truly believe in the work that Travis does. It’s a life changer, you know. They – there’s so many people he’s been able to affect through working through the site mayor program.

Travis smiles at a poster in his hands.

KIRK: That has really helped people really focus on what they need to do and be able to be in a safe environment and site.

Chris speaks in voiceover as Travis chats with two employees at a table lined with notepads, information pamphlets, and various swag pieces.

CHRIS: It’s consistent. It isn’t once in a while. It’s someone who comes to work every day with the idea that “I want to be a servant leader. And I want to make a difference.”

Travis strolls down a hallway with another employee. Sandy interviews.

SANDY: Being an Everyday LifeChanger, you have to have that “do good no matter who’s watching.” So if nobody ever knows that you did that, you still do it. And he does that.

Travis beams as he hands someone a fake gum packet. The person leaps in delight. Kirk interviews.

KIRK: Friendly. He is consistent. If you needed to call somebody at 2AM that you needed someone to come pick you up because you had a flat tire, he would jump in the car and come help you.

Chris interviews.

CHRIS: It’s not about him. It is about what he’s doing to help other people.

With a team, Travis ties the tassels on the edge of the blue blanket.

SANDY: He always adds value. Always. He always makes it better.

Travis strolls past a wall embossed with the words, “Helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone.”

A photo of Travis with a toothy smile appears against a blue background beside the stacked U’s of the UnitedHealthcare logo, as well as text.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     Travis Hill

                                    2022 Everyday LifeChanger

A blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears against a white background.