Transcript: Everyday Lifechangers Yazmin

A blue chyron with text appears over a gate.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Boston, MA.

On the gate, red lettering is engraved on a wooden sign.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Gabriel B. Costa Park

In a yard, cement is mixed in a bin. A person sprays a hole with water around a turquoise pole. A group of volunteers carry a light blue playground ride with a middle seat and set it gently into the hole. They twist it in.

In a parking lot, a blue sign reads “Welcome Volunteers.” A dark-haired woman with glasses, Yazmin, talks to someone off camera.

YAZMIN: Hi there, so you should be good to go. Let’s get you set up with a t-shirt. What size t-shirt can we get you?

Yazmin opens the trunk of a car. A black woman with long curly hair interviews. Text appears in a blue chyron.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Olivia Jefferson
                                          Vice President, Social Responsibility
                                          Yazmin’s Manager

OLIVIA: Yazmin was the first employee I hired. When I met her, she was such a joy. She lit up the room, she is so passionate about community. She really cares deeply about people but also wants to make sure we are eliminating disparities at every turn.

Yazmin hands out bottles of water to volunteers on the playground, then speaks to an audience with a microphone. A black man with a beard interviews, and a chyron with text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Treyce Gladney
                                    Director, Growth and Experience

TREYCE: Yaz has a pretty interesting role in that she gets to not only use data to make decisions, but she actually gets to use the data to go out into the community. Put those dollars to use by adding capacity to community-based organizations.

Yazmin and the volunteers put together a slide. A white woman in a suit interviews, and text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Lauren Barca
                                    Director of Medical Clinical Operations
                                    C&S Central Region

LAUREN: She wants to understand the population and not just go in and offer her solutions, but to make sure it’s right for the communities in which she’s serving.

Yazmin carries a box off the street.

TREYCE: Everyday life changers to me really is the personification of our mission. People that live our mission and model our values, and they do that inside our walls and outside our walls. And I think Yaz is the absolute perfect person for that honor.

OLIVIA: She’s also thinking about the outcomes, she’s thinking about how are we going to make this stronger, how are we going to make this more impactful.

Yazmin hands out water bottles.

TREYCE: Yaz leads with her heart, she values relationships. And so when you have a combination of those two things it makes it A. Easy for you to work with the person. And two – the work that she does is meaningful.

OLIVIA: The passion for this work just radiates off of her.

TREYCE: Yaz is the lynchpin between the things that we do in United Healthcare and what we do outside in the community.

A photo of Yaz smiling appears over a blue background. Text appears underneath a white U-shaped logo.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Yazmin Cespedes
                                    2022 Everyday LifeChanger

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          United