Transcript: 4 UnitedHealthcare Employees Helping to Improve Lives

In a busy photography studio, montage shows a woman having her hair curled, a woman adjusting a man's sleeves, and bright camera lights snapping. A male photographer with a gray beard smiles and compliments a subject.

PHOTOGRAPHER: That's--right there, beautiful.

The camera pans to show Trudy Ryan posing in the studio against a white backdrop. She speaks in voiceover, and continues in a medium close-up as her name and title display on a blue graphic in the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Trudy Ryan

                                    Every Day Life Changer


TRUDY: Hi, my name is Trudy Ryan, and I'm an associate director in INI marketing and open enrollment team.

Now, a makeup artist draws eyeliner on Sheila Wills as she sits in front of a brightly-lit mirror. Another woman adjusts her hair as she Sheila speaks in voiceover.

SHEILA: Hi, my name is Sheila, and I am a senior Navigate For Me representative.

A woman ties Jeremy Ayers' gold tie for him in the studio. He speaks in voiceover.

JEREMY: Hey, I'm Jeremy Ayers. I'm a digital capability manager for government operations.

Bright lights snap as Eddie Martinez poses in front of the backdrop, speaking in voiceover. A cowboy hat rests on a stool in the foreground.

EDDIE: Well, my name is Eddie Martinez, and I'm a case manager social worker for UnitedHealthcare Solutions for Caregivers program.

Eddie's name and title display on a blue lower-left backdrop as he finishes his sentence on a couch.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Eddie Martinez

                                    Every Day Life Changer


Sheila's information displays on a blue lower-left graphic as she addresses the camera from a couch.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Sheila Wills

                                    Every Day Life Changer


SHEILA: The motivating factor for me is realizing that any caller could be my grandmother or my grandfather.

She poses for the photographer, the pictures displaying on a computer screen in the foreground, as she continues in voiceover.

SHEILA: And that's the motivating factor, is that I never want to leave anyone behind.

The photographer compliments Jeremy, who is posing on a stool.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Yeah, nice. Sit up a little taller.

Jeremy speaks on a couch, as his name and title display on a blue graphic in the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Jeremy Ayers

                                    Every Day Life Changer


JEREMY: I feel very honored and great about it. What I'm doing does provide an impact.

A woman balances the cowboy hat on Eddie's head, as he stands in front of the backdrop. He speaks in voiceover. Studio staff examine his pictures on a computer screen. He finishes his dialogue from the couch.

JEREMY: I'm always excited and waiting for the magic of the day to happen. I wake everyone up in the morning and say, "We're gonna have a magical Monday, a terrific Tuesday." I think it really helps us all to say, "You know what? Today is a new day, and we're gonna focus on making some magic happen for our members."

A woman wraps a purple blouse around Sheila, and she poses in front of the backdrop. She begins speaking in voiceover and finishes her dialogue on the couch.

SHEILA: Being an everyday life-changer is part of who I am every day. It just encourages me to continue forward in what I'm doing, and it helps me to know that I actually am doing a great job and making a difference in the lives that I come in contact with.

Trudy poses in an aqua green blouse with her hand on her hip.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Awesome, good.

She speaks in voiceover as her images appear on the photographer's computer screen.

TRUDY: I was very surprised knowing that my efforts have been recognized as one who makes a difference in helping the member with their experience and their interaction with UnitedHealthcare.

The photographer smiles, peering through the camera lens. Eddie poses in front of the backdrop in a suit, and then interviews from a couch in a white sweater.


EDDIE: I was a little taken aback. You know, UnitedHealthcare has thousands and thousands of employees, so I'm very humbled to have been chosen.

Jeremy Ayers, in a business sweater and tie, speaks on the couch. His images appear on the photographer's computer screen.

JEREMY: I hope it--think it sheds lights on those people who are kinda more behind the scenes or even on the front line that don't always get those kind of recognition that they should.

Sheila speaks on the couch in her purple blouse.

SHEILA: It just felt like I was doing the right thing, and it was affirmation that I was.

She poses dynamically for the photographer, and the cameras flash.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Hold it. Beautiful.

Trudy speaks on the couch, and continues in voiceover as she poses in the studio.

TRUDY: I think having this experience is really re-motivating, you know, to get you, again, focused, you know, on the member.

The scene fades to white, with blue-green text appearing onscreen.






The text fades, replaced by the blue UnitedHealthcare logo.


The scene fades to black.