Transcript: UnitedHealthcare employees bring the company vision to life

Upbeat music plays as a spotlight shines. A line of new shoes rests on top of their boxes. A blonde stylist holds up two different blue ties to a man’s shirt. Another stylist applies makeup to a smiling black woman.

ERIN: My name is Erin Henderson Moore

Now wearing a white blazer, jeans, and a blue shirt, Erin stands in front of a white backdrop as a photographer takes her picture.

MAN: There we go. Positivity!

A man with a trim beard, yellow tie, and a blue suit coat now poses in front of the same backdrop. His image appears on the small screen of a camera.

JUAN: My name is Juan Mora.

MAN: One looking up, laughing. Haha!

A white woman with blonde hair in a floral print top with a jean jacket gives the camera a soft smile as she poses

KAYLA: My name is Kayla Payeur.

MAN: Good. Big smile, laughing.

A tall man in a yellow sweater folds his arms as he stands before the backdrop.

MICHAEL: I’m Michael Irish.

MAN: Yes!

Erin interviews, sitting on a blue chair as text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Erin Henderson Moore

                                    Executive Director, Dual Special Needs Plans, Community & State

ERIN: When I was nominated for an Everyday Life Changer, I honestly was shocked.

Grinning, Erin twirls in front of the camera.

MAN: Perfect!

ERIN: I don’t think of myself that way. I really think of someone that’s kind of doing the work.

On a digital screen, images from her photo shoot tick by. Juan sits in the same blue chair to interview as text slides onscreen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Juan Mora

                                    Senior Advocate4Me Representative, Government Operations

JUAN: I’ve never been called out to the headquarters before. I was very grateful.

He gives a big smile to the camera.

MAN: Gorgeous!

Showing her teeth, Kayla grins on the photo set. She sits down to interview as text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Kayla Payeur

                                    Associate Director, Talent Development

KAYLA: Favorite part of my job is the variety. I love not knowing what my day is gonna be.

MAN: Yep!

The masked photographer snaps a photo of Michael as he stands casually with his arms at his sides. He later sits for an interview as text slides in.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Mike Irish

                                    Business Process Manager, UnitedHealthcare Networks Pharmacy

MICHAEL: Having the opportunity to touch millions and millions of lives. Working diligently toward providing something for the people we serve.

A photo on the digital screen shows Erin with her head tipped back, laughing.

ERIN: Getting called to serve communities that are the most underserved. That’s really meaningful for me.

MAN: Good!

Kayla holds her hands in front of her stomach, smiling. Lights flash as the photographer takes photos.

KAYLA: I’m driven by doing a good job. I like to work, and I like to work hard.

Michael holds out his arms for a pose.

MICHAEL: It’s the recognition and the acknowledgement of doing the right work, being in the right place, and doing the right thing.

MAN: Nice

Juan sticks one hand in his pocket, staring at the camera with a gentle smile. He then sits in a chair on set, and the blonde stylist smooths out his suit coat.

JUAN: You guys are being very attentive to me, so I feel like I’m the same way with my patients. I call them all the time, out of random. “Hey, how you doing? Do you need anything else?”

Erin rests a hand on her hip.

ERIN: And it really gives me motivation to keep going.

MAN: Awesome. Back to me!

Michael smiles as he stares off, then turns his face back toward the camera. His image appears on the digital screen.

MICHAEL: It makes me think that there’s people out there, today, their experience was simplified, or their medication was cheaper, or they were less confused than there were last time.

He rests on a stool as the photographer snaps a few more photos.

MAN: One, two, three!

MICHAEL: And that, to me, is the Everyday Life Changer.

The final smiling images flash by: Michael with his arms crossed, Kayla with her arms behind her back, Juan sitting down, staring off to the side, and Erin gripping the front of her blazer as she laughs. A blue logo appears on a white background.