Transcript: Everyday LifeChangers Chris

Whimsical harp music plays as the view zooms up to a brick bungalow on a lush lawn. A blue banner appears in the bottom left corner of the lawn with white text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Saint John, IN                                                                                                 

A wooden sign by the front door reads “The Durnavich’s” with “Steve, Chris, & Family” below. Inside, a woman with curled brown hair reaches into a cupboard to retrieve a mug. She fills it with water at a sink and adds a tea bag. The woman heats up the mug in the microwave, then carries it into a grey home office with a brown L-shaped desk that features built-in cabinets and shelving.

Now a woman with brown hair and bangs speaks on a video call. White text in a blue banner on the bottom left of the view reads:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Georgia Swinney                                                                                                                                                       Associate Director of Business Processes

GEORGIA SWINNEY: So what Chris does is she helps the providers with their portal experience.

Now a man in a grey blazer speaks in an office before a gallery wall. A blue banner in the bottom left shows his name and affiliation in white text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Hans Hage                                                                                                                                                                 Chief Product Officer, Consumer Operations

HANS HAGE: She actually monitors the NPS feedback information. She follows up with the providers when something isn’t working appropriately, and then chases it down to resolve it.

Chris wears glasses and a headset as she works at a desktop computer. A sign below her computer monitor reads “EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY,” with the letter O in the shape of a lemon slice. Chris speaks into the microphone on her headset.

CHRIS DURNAVICH: You completed a survey for us yesterday regarding the Prior Authorization and Notification portal?

A woman in a green cardigan and Chanel brooch speaks on a video call. White text in a blue banner on the bottom left of the view reads:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        Christina Mosher                                                                                                                                                       Director of Digital Strategy & Growth

CHRISTINA MOSHER: You don’t know at the end of the day whether Chris works for United or if she’s working on behalf of the provider, because she really is about making sure that our customers have the best experience possible when doing business with us.

Chris types with manicured red nails. The view returns to Georgia:

GEORGIA SWINNEY: Chris just finished her thirtieth anniversary with the company. She does her job very well. She’s compassionate and she puts herself in the shoes of the provider.

CHRIS DURNAVICH: As a remote worker, I almost feel like your customer service skills have to be that much stronger.

Chris speaks into her headset.

CHRIS DURNAVICH: Good! How are you, Mark?

A sign on the wall of Chris’s office reads “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

CHRIS DURNAVICH: You are having to work solely through voice.

HANS HAGE: Chris is one of those that takes responsibility and takes everything personally when there is something that goes wrong, and fights it—to get it solved and get it resolved for our providers.

On a sunny sidewalk near her house, Chris takes a small white doodle cross dog for a walk.

CHRISTINA MOSHER: When you meet Chris and when you talk to her, she establishes that relationship right away. She’s very personable, she’s friendly, she’s kind.

GEORGIA SWINNEY: So recently I received a letter from a large provider group that wanted to take a minute to brag about Chris.

Georgia holds up a letter and reads:

GEORGIA SWINNEY: He said “I’ve been in the industry for a long time and people like her just aren’t around much these days. She went the extra mile. She makes it easier for them to use our products every day. I consider her a friend, not just a coworker.”

At her desk, Chris smiles and nods on a call. She speaks into her headset:

CHRIS: Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day.

Now a blue background appears with a smiling photo of Chris in a white rectangle on the right. Text to the left reads:
ONSCREEN TEXT:        Chris Durnavich                                                                                                                                                         2022 Everyday LifeChanger

Above the text, the UnitedHealthcare logo appears: a stylized, white letter U that splits into three stripes on the right-hand side. The background and photo fade to white, and a blue version of the UnitedHealthcare logo unfurls in the center. As the string music concludes, the logo transforms into blue text:

ONSCREEN TEXT:        United