Transcript: Expanded Telehealth Options That Might Surprise You

Upbeat music plays. From home, a grey-haired man uses his laptop to video chat with a doctor.

DOCTOR: Hi. I'm Dr. Roberts. It's nice to see you.

PATIENT: Good morning.

DOCTOR: I understand that you have been having some concerns you'd like to talk about. What can I help with?

PATIENT: I have been having some wrist pain in my right wrist when I'm doing things like yard work or using a screwdriver or even holding a phone for a long period of time. Things like that.

PATIENT: I did slip a couple of weeks ago and put out my arms to brace me.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          A telehealth visit is a convenient way to connect with a doctor or clinician from the comfort of your home, 24/7.

Text appears on a laptop screen.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          In addition to concerns ranging from allergies to the flu, a telehealth visit may be a great option for:





                                    Pink eye


                                    Sinus problems

                                    Some mental health visits

                                    (depending on coverage)


                                    Urinary tract infection and more …

Dr. Roberts and his patient continue their telehealth visit.


DOCTOR: Can you point to where that pain is located?

PATIENT: It tends to be along the back side and the front side here.

DOCTOR: That's really helpful. Take your fingers and push on a couple of areas, and tell me if that seems to make the pain worse.

PATIENT: It's definitely tender.

Text appears on a laptop screen.


ON SCREEN TEXT:          Video-enabled devices allow providers to see important visuals cues related to your symptoms.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Using your phone, tablet or computer, the provider can:

·       Answer your questions

·       Evaluate your symptoms

·       Provide a diagnosis and support

Dr. Roberts and his patient continue their telehealth visit.


DOCTOR: What I'd like to do is to arrange and talk to you about where we can get you seen today to get that test done. I've taken some detailed notes as we've been speaking, and I'll be sending those notes over to your primary care doctor so they know what we talked about and can also help follow along with some of the test results.

PATIENT: Wonderful.

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