Transcript: Seeing Clearly: Students Benefit From Free Prescription Eyeglasses

A hand places a glasses case on a strip of white paper. Dozens of strips adorn a yellow table. The fingernails on the hand are painted yellow and blue.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Cleveland, Ohio

NYLAH: Sometimes the words are really small for me, so I couldn't see them.

A child speaks while seated at a table. Books line shelves behind her.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Nylah

                                    Marion C. Seltzer School - Fourth Grader

We pan down a standard eyesight chart. Letters descend in size from top to bottom in numbered rows.

BROOKLYNN: When I start reading the books, the words start to look--to me, they start--look like they're changing.

Another child speaks. She wears a blue jumper.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Brooklynn

                                    Marion C. Seltzer School - Fourth Grader

The adult from the first scene continues placing glasses cases on the strips of white paper.

NYLAH: I can't read stuff by myself, like, and I have to ask.

A close-up shows the leathery exteriors of the glasses cases.

Nylah wipes at her eyes with sweater sleeves.

NYLAH: I... um... when I was here and we did the glasses and we had to put this thing right here, I could-- I saw the words more better.

Nylah holds up her hands to her eyes, indicating an exam machine.

Rectangular fluorescent lights appear in the reflection of one pair of black-rimmed glasses.

NYLAH: I could see.

DAVEDA: Are you ready? Are you excited?


DAVEDA: What color did you pick?

Brooklynn speaks to the adult setting the glasses cases.


DAVEDA: Did you? Look really cute.

Brooklynn tries on the black-rimmed glasses. We pan down the eyesight chart again.

BROOKLYNN: E, F, P, T, O, Z, L, P, E, D, P, E...

Brooklynn reads the chart with her glasses. We pan across the table as all the strips of paper now have glasses cases on them.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Cleveland students received

                                    free prescription glasses from

                                    Hellen Keller International.

                                    A $250,000 UnitedHealthcare

                                    Empowering Health grant will fund

                                    eye exams for over 7,000

                                    low-income individuals and free

                                    eyeglasses to anyone found

                                    with impaired vision.

Rick Dunlop speaks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Rick Dunlop

                                    UnitedHealthcare - CEO of Medicare & Retirement in Ohio

RICK: What we're able to do is sort of get out much further in front of some developing health and wellness issues before they might turn into a diagnosis, so we're able to try and head it off at the pass.

A girl tries on a pair of glasses. The adult, Daveda, holds up a hand mirror at face level.

MICHAEL: These type of services are absolutely invaluable to our kids for several different reasons.

Michael Cotter sits at a table and speaks to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Michael Cotter

                                    Marion C. Seltzer School - Licensed Nurse

MICHAEL: Number one, Cleveland is an urban district; it's a poor district. So people maybe they do have insurance; maybe they don't.

A child tries on a pair of pink glasses. Daveda holds up the hand mirror.

DAVEDA: Oh, nice. Try those on. Really cute. Good choice.

RICK: And what we recognize is that when it comes to something that can be as expensive as glasses, families have to make choices sometimes, and those choices are very difficult. And that can have a profound impact on a child's education.

A child reads an eyesight chart. She wears glasses with a pink-and-black frame.

A smiling child tries on a pair of slim black glasses.

DAVEDA: All right.

MICHAEL: If you wait too long, you know, then they're too far behind. We take care of everything for them, so it's beautiful.

We slowly zoom in on the glasses station from the other side of the room. A child recites inaudibly with a pair of glasses on.

Daveda speaks to the camera. The room appears empty behind her.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Daveda Cunningham

                                    Helen Keller International - Ohio Vision Program Manager

DAVEDA: Just to be able to give students their first pair of glasses, that's rewarding, and then we also feel that--that same fuzziness when we're able to replace glasses.

Brooklynn takes off her glasses outside of a classroom. An adult motions toward someone off-camera.

BROOKLYNN: It's really blurry when I take them off.

DAVEDA: Then when they put them on and they look around like, "Oh, I can see; I can see," you feel that they're really thankful.

A child recites inaudibly while wearing a pair of glasses.

NYLAH: In my mind, I felt like that I was dreaming. And then I told my mom, and she said--and she was crying.

A hand takes out a pair of glasses from a case. Nylah puts them on.

A woman seated at the table prepares to write on a sheet of paper.

RICK: And the children, they're our future, all of ours. These kids walking around these halls right now are our future nurses, our future educators, doctors, lawyers, whatever.

The children shown in the video smile for the camera with their glasses on, one at a time, from various places in the school.

RICK: The whole "it takes a village" thing, well, it kind of is true.

Nylah smiles while speaking.

NYLAH: I'm--I'ma shout out, "I have new glasses."

The shot of Nylah fades out into the "UnitedHealthcare" logo, a solid-blue U with three gray rings connected to it.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®