Transcript: Falls and Fractures: Facts and Tips That May Limit Falls

Blue illustrations of a man and a female doctor appear on a white background. The man is in dark blue, while the woman is in light blue. Multiple question marks appear and disappear around the man's head.

MAN: I'm getting older. Do I need to worry about falling?

WOMAN: Yes, you do.

Four dark blue linear illustrations of people appear side by side. Above them, red and blue numbers and black text appears. Smaller black informational text appears at the bottom of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: 1 in 4 age 65 and older will fall*

*According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2016 WOMAN: Every year one in four people 65 and older will experience a fall...

One of the blue linear people illustrations turns red and bends back, demonstrating a fall to the right side of the screen.

WOMAN: And many result in serious injury.

A close-up of the red illustration of the person reveals a blue illustration of a person in a wheel chair in the middle of the person's head. Text appears above the illustration.

ON SCREEN TEXT: 1 in 5 falls = serious injury*

The screen moves sideways to reveal a linear illustration of a dark blue house on a grey hill. Light blue clouds appear above the house. The shot zooms in slowly.

WOMAN: The majority of falls happen at home, so take a look around.

Cut to a close-up of two windows of the house, one containing a person. The shot continues zooming into a window, revealing linear illustrations of lamps and yellow light bulbs. Text appears in the top right corner of the screen. The light bulbs move into the lamps and give off linear rays of light.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Make it brighter

WOMAN: Replace bulbs and add lighting to help you see obstacles.

Cut to illustrations of various objects including a rug, shoe, plant, and an uneven staircase. Text appears at the top of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: remove obstacles

WOMAN: Remove things that can make you trip.

The various object illustrations slide out of the frame, as text appears at the top of the screen. The steps of the stairs straighten.

ON SCREEN TEXT: fix uneven steps and

floors WOMAN: Fix uneven steps and floors.

The stairs move to the bottom right corner of the screen as illustrations of bathroom objects appear beside it. Dark blue illustrations of handrails appear next to a toilet illustration and on the staircase.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Install handrails

WOMAN: And install handrails in bathrooms and on stairs.

Three illustrations of people exercising using weights, treadmill, and meditation appears on screen. Text appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Physical exercise can help with

WOMAN: Consider balance or strength-training exercises, which can help with agility.

Illustrations of an eye and an ear appear on screen. Illustrations of an eye chart, lit lamp, speaker, and balancing person rock as they appear beside the eye and ear.

WOMAN: Get your eyes and hearing checked regularly. Changes in your hearing can affect your balance.

Cut back to illustrations of the female doctor and the man. A medical chart illustration appears between them and gently rocks.

WOMAN: To learn more, please, talk to your doctor about steps you can take to help prevent a fall.

The illustrations become smaller and move to the top left area of the screen. Blue text appears beside them. Then black text with website information appears below them in the center of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: To learn more
talk to your doctor

and visit:

WOMAN: You can also visit or

The AARP Foundation and UnitedHealthcare textual logos appear at the bottom of the screen.

For a future without senior poverty.

WOMAN: This message was brought to you by UnitedHealthcare and AARP Foundation.