Transcript: 5 Healthy Fruits and Veggies at the Farmers Market

A collection of stalls sit under a red shed. Parked cars line the concrete lot outside. A close-up shot of the green sign atop the shed identifies it as the Minneapolis farmers market. A man bags fresh vegetables.

A woman holding stalks of rhubarb stands next to a pallet of flowers. As she walks towards the camera, a blue banner with white text appears at the bottom of the screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    Katie Johnson

                                    Registered Dietician and Wellness Coach

KATIE JOHNSON: Hi, I'm Katie Johnson. I'm a registered dietician. I'm down here at the farmers market. Today, I'm gonna walk you through five fruits and vegetables that are gonna be quick and easy for you to grab, also highly nutritious.

Katie gestures at a collection of grape tomatoes. A hand-drawn sign behind them lists the price.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Home Grown

                                    Waverly, MN




KATIE JOHNSON: Let's start with grape tomatoes. Aren't these pretty? Super tasty, loaded with Vitamins A and C, and great for an addition to your salads, for your kids to have for snacks.

Katie picks up a yellow zucchini. Yellow and green zucchini sit on a table next to boxes of cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, and cucumbers. Hand-drawn signs list prices.

KATIE JOHNSON: Zucchini. We've got these beautiful colors. These are fantastic for grilling and for baking. So good, loaded with nutrition. Lots of antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.

Katie gestures at boxes of cauliflower and broccoli.

KATIE JOHNSON: And check out these cruciferous vegetables. We've got broccoli, we've got cauliflower. Fantastic for heart health and your digestive system. Not only that, but preventative for some types of cancers as well.

Katie gestures at pallets of strawberries. A hand-drawn sign behind them lists the price.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Home Grown

                                    Waverly, MN



KATIE JOHNSON: We've got these beautiful strawberries. Fantastic to have in fruit smoothies, to have as a snack. Anytime, anywhere, these are gonna be a great go-to. Packed with antioxidants, lots of Vitamin A, lots of Vitamin C, lots of fiber included in these.

Katie brandishes the rhubarb she's been carrying.

KATIE JOHNSON: And lastly, check out this rhubarb. Such a beautiful fruit here at this time of year. Which reminds me, make sure you check out your farmers market for what is in season. When you buy fruits at their peak season time, you get the most nutritional bang for your buck. Make sure you and your family eat healthy this summer by going to your local farmers market.

A large green sign lists the farmers market operating hours. Groups of people mingle in the aisles and select produce. A man purchases bag of vegetables.

The blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears against a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®